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SENEGAL – FCFA 40 million fraud: Zator Mbaye arrested by the Research Section

Zator Mbaye

Last Tuesday, while Senegal celebrated the victory of its team qualified in the 8th World Cup final, Zator Mbayede AFP was arrested by elements of the Colobane gendarmerie’s research section.

According to Libération’s information, he was taken into custody the same day. While he should be presented to the prosecutor, he found an arrangement with his alleged victim that led to his provisional release.

Indeed, Zator, Minister Advisor to the President of the Republic is targeted for fraud involving the sum of 40 million FCFA. He had sent to an acquaintance (a lady) a picture of a luxury car which he would sell for this sum.
But since he cashed the money, not only did he not deliver any vehicles but he also cut off contact with the complainant.
To avoid driving to the prosecutor’s office, he handed over another vehicle worth CFAF 40 million and CFAF 10 million. It has pledged to give it another CFAF 20 million within a specified period of agreement.

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