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[MUSIC-IN] – “Dunia” New single of Salimata Tina Traoré and Yeko

Salimata Tina Traoré

After the single Yerna Fassè with the exceptional voice of Khaïra Arby, here is the new composition of guitarist Yohann Le Ferrand for his project Yeko.

For this second single of the Yeko series, the musician invites the magnificent Salimata «Tina» Traoré for a world-pop trip almost meditative. The great sensitivity, humility and correctness of tone that characterize his voice supported by the lyricism of the cello, immediately charm the ear and touch with sweetness beyond the words in Bambara where Tina expresses life on earth (Dunia) and the trials that make us grow during this passage of life on earth and the trials that make us grow during this passage.

For his Yeko project, Yohann Le Ferrand is preparing an album based on his musical encounters with African and particularly Malian musicians. With this collaborative album, this great traveler brings the musical dialogue between Africa and Europe to its peak.

Yerna Fassè with the late Khaïra Arby and Dunia with Salimata «Tina» Traoré are the first two available excerpts of the album Yeko which will be released in January 2022 with prestigious guests.

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Since 2012, Yohann Le Ferrand explores the music of West Africa and more particularly that of Mali where we could see him on guitar in the show of Rokia Traoré & Serge Aimé Coulibaly, then alongside Inna Modja or Tiken Jah Fakoly. Since his beginnings in traditional Breton music, he has forged a musical identity with African-American aesthetics (jazz/funk) that brought him naturally to Africa.

Eternal traveler, this encounter with mother earth, roots of all its influences, has been able to refine its musical language in organic compositions with Afro funk pop hues where the acoustic texture always has this universal inclination.

Currently guitarist for several artists like Kandy Guira, Mamylove Sarambé or the collective Kinyonga, Yohann Le Ferrand finds with this project Yeko a true creative culmination. The album Yeko that can be presented as a series of musical portraits of African artists unveils its first two jewels with Yerna Fassè, in duo with the much-missed Khaïra Arby, and Dunia with guest Salimata “Tina” Traoré.


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