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DR CONGO: Designer Anifa Mvuemba revolutionizes the 3D fashion show

Anifa Mvuemba ©Page Instagram

This is the first time in the history of fashion that an even more African designer breaks the codes of the traditional fashion show. The confinement apparently gives ideas, and ideas not like the others the Congolese Anifa Mwvuemba launched her new collection “Pink Label Congo” of her brand “Hanifa”.

“Hanifa” is a contemporary ready-to-wear line that caters to all women without age limits with feminine and chic collections. The brand embraces a range of colors and textures that respond to the natural curves of a woman’s physique. The brand is aimed at extraordinary ordinary women who embody the class while setting their own rules.

It is through an Instagram live dated May 24, 2020, that she unveiled her virtual models using 3D.

Anifa Mvuemba is 29 years old, based in Baltimore, USA. She is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. His ambition, to highlight the beauty “Made in Congo”. The other ambition is much more committed, it wants to shed light on the problems caused by illegal mining in the Congo where thousands of children are exploited.

Anifa Mvuemba :

“Congo’s beauty, laden with a painful history, is often untapped and neglected. The sweetness, beauty, history, balance, majesty, strength, power and hope of the Congolese spirit inspired this collection. When I created each piece, I remembered the stories my mother told me about the women she knew in the Congo.Women who have suffered great losses, but who, every day, have gathered all their strength to show themselves. I hope that this collection will inspire all women to stand up and, like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to use their story, be it beautiful or painful, to reshape their future.  My country, the land of the Congo, is ripe with an abundance of natural resources, the largest of which are its people, its women,” she explains.

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The current health crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic has greatly disrupted the work of designers on a daily basis. Anita Mvuemba managed to tame the possibility of the Internet and adapt to the new communication format. She gathered her audience on her Instagram page where the 3D fashion show of her new collection took place.Innovation and know-how have been expressed through new technologies. Thanks to this ingenious idea, she managed to attract millions of people with two or three cliques. A crazy bet that she succeeded brilliantly.

The 3D fashion show:


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