Home POLITICS SENEGAL: Aminata Mimi Toure at the head of the CESE.

SENEGAL: Aminata Mimi Toure at the head of the CESE.

Aminata Mimi Touré - Photo : Kaoloack info

This Tuesday, May 14, 2019, in a statement signed by the Minister spokesperson of the government Ndeye Tické Ndiaye Diop, the President of the Republic Macky sall has nominated Aminata Mimi Toure President of the Economic and Social Economic Council (CESE) to replace Aminata Tall.

This nomination was ratified by Presidential Decree No. 2019-905. The head of state has appointed Aminata Mimi Toure instead of Aminata Tall. “
The President of the Republic, Macky sall has not failed to highlight “the remarkable work” carried out by Aminata Tall at the head of this institution over the last six years.The former Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Aminata Mimi Toure for its part has renewed its loyalty and determination to the President.

The Economic Social and Environmental Council is composed of 80 members appointed for a period of 5 years renewable once, and 40 associate members who are deputy personalities for a period of one renewable year.