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SENEGAL – VJ aka El phenomeno VJ raises the public and ignites social networks

VJ @Capture photo Eyelit

The Senegalese musical landscape had a spectacular effect with the appearance of VJ. It is enough to take a look on social networks in the discussion forums of Senegalese, young people and adults give their opinion or their criticism to this phenomenon that does not leave indifferent, everyone goes as they please. It was after his performance at the Grand Théâtre esplanade on Thursday, December 29, 2022 that everything changed: A new freestyle star was born! His name is VJ!

VJ is the new star that illuminates the heart of the young Senegalese public. Its modern, casual style, its originality but especially its vibe and freestyle does not leave indifferent. Let us say that he had chosen his stage attire in red and white for this appearance. The young singer is now in the big leagues, he has entered the hearts of music lovers of his age by dividing opinion into an unexpected buzz. What more to ask for a singer who wants to make a place for himself in the sun. A feat of size!

But who is VJ aka El phenomeno VJ?
VJ by his real name Mouhamed A Preira is the son of former RTS1 journalist Houreye Thiam Preira who currently runs a real estate and travel agency for pilgrimages to Mecca, his father Balla Preira was also a journalist in Walfadjiri. This young prodigy inherited the oratory and verbal charisma of his two parents, the eternal communicators of the media. It is at the Seydou Nourou Tall high school that VJ gets his BAC in 2021, he is currently in his first year at the African Institute of Management (IAM). The same year he set foot in the Senegalese artistic ring. Just with a single on the market, he hasn’t produced an album yet, he is now considered the best of his generation. He records millions of views on different social platforms. His videos are shared thousands of times. He is surrounded by his uncle Laye Thiam aka Father Laye who is known in the middle of Showbiz. 

“One Time”…
“One Time” is her brand new and one simple moment. His musical production mixes a love story, romance as the young people who follow him and appreciate it in a musical style that surfes between tradition and modernity. VJ is also a pleasant jovial physique, an overflowing freshness and an unparalleled stage confidence. He began by being Beat Maker, arranger and creator of sound before embarking on freestyle. It is on the background of mixing and resumption of the songs of Franco-Congolese Dadju, that he is discovered through social networks. He will inevitably follow in the footsteps of former underground players such as Dip Doundou Guiss, Canebasse and then Ngaaka Blindé, this urban class will now have to rely on this new prodigy.

VJ @Capture photo Eyelit

His performance at the esplanade of the Grand Théâtre…
His performance at the esplanade of the Grand Théâtre de Dakar disturbed the codes, broke the barriers, raised the level, seduced his audience by raising an outcry in all strata of the population. This shows that one can come out of nowhere and impose himself as a great one. The way of VJ is traced, God willed it so. This is why young people love it and adults on their side ask themselves, “How can young people love this phenomenon?” Willingly or forcibly, adults will now bend because VJ comes to meet their request only to them, who are from another generation, but to the present generation, that of young people who do not ask much to be happy. It is the “new world order of urban culture 2.0”, that of buzz, of current events, of surprise, of feeling. And then we just want to say, “Let the kids enjoy their music.” May these young people love this young VJ like them, may he sing “false” or true; whatever, what matters is that each generation has its moment of glory, madness, derision and delirium, its moment of enjoyment and rejoicing, then let VJ aka El phenomeno VJ enjoy his moment of glory, let him continue to intoxicate his young audience and wish him GOOD LUCK in his new life!

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Youth are asking for another date in another location…
His performance this Thursday, December 29 at the esplanade of the Grand Théâtre, surprised the Senegalese as a whole. Full window, a crazy world, the esplanade could not receive everyone from everywhere to attend this historic concert. Law enforcement had to intervene to cancel the concert as a security measure. After the concert stopped, the fans asked for a bigger and safer place at Abdoulaye stadium. Case to follow…

VJ @Capture photo Eyelit

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