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SENEGAL: Complaint against Pastef leader: Ousmane Sonko accused of rape and death threats

Ousmane Sonko

Ousmane Sonko, the leader of Pastef les Patriotes, would be the subject of a complaint from a certain A. Sarr, aged about twenty. The latter, who seized the Commander of the Research Section of the Colobane Gendarmerie on 2 February, accused the Patriote of having raped her and threatened her with death, it reads in Les Echos. By SenegalActu

Contacted on the phone by our colleagues of «Echos», Ousmane Sonko says he was not informed of any complaint against him, neither by bailiff nor by subpoena, nor by service. But according to our sources, the lady A. Sarr, who works in a massage parlour located in Sacré-Coeur 3, was extensively interviewed, on two occasions, by investigators of the Research Section, as well as the owner of the salon.

Better yet, she was sent to a specialist for swabs. In her complaint, the lady states that Sonko regularly presents himself as a client for massage sessions, but in the end, he always demands sexual favours. She goes on to say that, in the face of her refusal to satisfy her urges, the leader of Pastef strangled her and forced her to have sex with him, informs Les Echos.

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Confused, and ashamed, she said she had remained silent about this act, hoping it would not happen again. “Mal took it out on me, since he comes back regularly and forces me to have sex with him, under the threat of making me disappear from the face of the earth given his omnipotence and his position in the country,” writes the lady relayed by Les Echos.

Source : SenegalActu


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