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MUSIC-IN – 50 CENT puts an end to musical career: Coup de COMM(UNICATION) or marketing strategy! It remains to be seen…

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Yesterday I was summoned by my boss to make a note on 50 Cent, the rapper with the sound name and clicking. The guy would have said that he would most likely end his musical career, long as the arm, after the release of his last album, scheduled in the course of this year 2022. I pushed a lot of relief. This guy! I never liked his flow. His pasty voice, his money-oriented messages, his dark past, his private life fraught with divorce and violence, and his public life worthy of a black novel, left me perplexed. But the boss has spoken; you have to do it, dare. So I will not take gloves. I will go straight ahead. Don’t think I’ve been approached by some of his rivals, like Jay-Z, Rick Ross, French Montana, Kanye West, who think he sucks and tell anyone who wants to hear him that he’s not even worth half the dollar he claims to be.

In an interview given to The Talk, a talk show by the American audiovisual giant CSB, on January 28, 2022, 50 Cent dropped this, basically – my English being rather mediocre, so I’ll just interpret his words: “I gave a lot to music. I’m at the top. That’s the best I can do. But it is in the world of cinema that I excel the most, that I feel that I will make the next big success of the global box office”. He must be suffering from anosmia. In these covid times, it makes you think. In any case, he doesn’t do it in lace. Yet, how much credit can you give to a guy who’s blasé himself? A real number, the guy. I hope it’s cinema. 

But on the other hand, deep down, I say to myself: finally, a real propitiatory sacrifice in the world of music. It was time. He gave us too much crap with his gibberish. His music stunned our ears enough. In his twenty-two years of career, he has only misrepresented the charming art of hip-hop. A voice that speaks without any color agreement. It is certain: he is not too likely to be missed by this audience who broke his eardrums by listening to him in a loop, without knowing too much what kind of divine messages he was looking for in his worldly songs or what celestial note he was looking for in this unbridled flow?

Enough mockery. Let’s be serious. 
Whatever one might write on the account of this stretch of muscle always wearing a cap and decorated with gold chains – almost massive – nothing predestined him to be where he is today. To be this mad dog of hip-hop, this pile of burning flesh, he was forced to fatten himself with courage and tenacity.

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50 Cent is an anomaly, basically. A guy from Queens, one of those infamous neighborhoods in the New York District that nothing, not even statistics, predestined to such fame. This gibbeux has even made the predictive analyses lie to become today this mellifère that fuels the lusts. What nerve! Yet he passed with his hands high all the journeys that littered his ascent. Born to a drug-addicted mother who died in a deadly fire and a father sentenced to life in prison, Curtis sold drugs, went to jail, walked around with a gun and even took a bullet in his face, hence his atypical voice. The classic course of an ordinary guy from Queens. But a grain of sand will stop the infernal machine: this grain of sand will be hip-hop.

47 years! And a record as long as his arm. He won everything: money, fame and accolades. From the world of music, he drew everything, as one draws the milk of a cow. He wants to explore other universes. That of the seventh art time. And it’s working for him. With successful series like «Power» and «For Life», he decided to close the chapter of music and turn to an art that fascinates him: cinema.

50 Can he give up his first love and make a clean slate on what has enabled him to attain the notoriety he now has? Would this withdrawal from the music scene be a COMM’ coup or a marketing strategy? The future will tell us.


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