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SENEGAL – Daandé Lenol set fire to the Paris Zenith!

Baaba Maal @Daande Lenol

It was the 37th anniversary of the Daandé Lenol, the mythical group of the planetary artistic Baaba Maal at the Zénith in Paris on May 28, 2022. The hall as a whole vibrated for more than three hours to the rhythm of the “Yella” and the “Pulaagu”. Music lovers, fans but especially lovers of the music of the sahel with fulaphone sounds, had come many to celebrate this anniversary with their idol.

The father of the single “Volume” the Mauritanian Adviser is the first to appear on stage as a prestigious guest star. He heated the room in front of a conquered audience, who remained in symbiosis throughout the duration of his performance. It must be said that the young singer is already well in his element: rap. The young talent is there, because Baaba Maal is not only his mentor as an artist but also his friend who has now introduced him to the stage of the Zenith that he so much dreamed of.

Adviser au Zénith de Paris @Daande Lenol

Papi, a rising star of music in the Senegalese diaspora performed a piece in passing. It was then the turn of Demba Guissé to ensure the show.

When Baaba Maal finally enters the stage, he is greeted with applause, shouts of joy, and pride. His entrance was remarkably accompanied by his korist and musicians. Baaba Maal arrives like a king on his throne, the public overheated, applauds him, dances, sings even before he starts his lyrics, throws him banknotes, calls him to signify his love, his support. His name comes from all mouths, it is the apotheosis in the hall of the Zenith. Through a slew of Boubous as beautiful as each other, he managed to sublimate the audience who was there to live with him his 37 years of musical history, 37 years of hard work as a renowned artist, 37 years of life that he wanted to mark for ever through this concert that will remain in the memory of an informed audience of this hall of the Zenith.

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Almost all of his titles are reviewed. Baaba Maal is a real stage animal, he knows how to keep his audience on their toes. From Dakar to Paris, from Brussels to London, the Halpulaar community as a whole but especially Senegalese and Mauritanian came in large numbers to celebrate this anniversary of the Daandé Lenol.

The talented singer, Waly Seck, the king of Faramarene was the surprise guest who was only known late in the evening. He was greeted by an audience seduced by his presence. The brother of his late father , Mapenda Seck came to support the king of the yela.” The evening is thus closed with these beautiful vibrations.
Video of the concert : 

Baaba Maal au Zénith de Paris @Daande Lenol

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