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SENEGAL – Miss Senegal 2020: Raped and mother of a 5 month old boy


Article by Fatou Dieng from Dakar

Miss Senegal 2020, Ndeye Fatima Dione, now the mother of a 5-month-old boy, is said to have been a victim of rape. According to revelations made by his mother during an interview with Dakarbuzz broadcast on the page of the news site this Thursday, November 18, 2021. 

Ndeye Fatima Dione, Miss Senegal 2020 is said to have been a victim of rape. The information was given by her own mother in an interview she gave to the local news site Dakarbuzz. “The only thing we know is that Fatima became pregnant after her coronation. We do not wish to accuse anyone, but one thing is certain, before we discovered her pregnancy, she was with a member of the organizing committee of Miss Senegal. Usually, when the organizers needed her, they had her stay at the hotel, but before her trip to Morocco, she was taken to a house and we don’t know why.”

She adds: After this stay in this house, Fatima began to complain of stomach aches and became very sick. Brought to the hospital, we were told that she was 4 months pregnant when we thought it was fibroid. We don’t know the perpetrator of this pregnancy, we just know that this 20-year-old girl was raped. On several occasions, she thought of committing suicide».

According to her, Ndeye Fatima Dione now intends to clarify all this history in order to know what happened in this house. “We were afraid of the uproar that her pregnancy would cause, but now we want to expose all the shenanigans that are going on in the organizing committee,” the source said.

Reactions of the Organising Committee
The media release of Ndeye’s mother Fatima Dione was not the taste of the organizing committee led by Amina Badiane. In front of the press, the lady set fire to the powder by declaring that «if Miss Senegal 2020 was raped, it is because she wanted it, given that she is major». She then invited the alleged victim to file a complaint against her executioner.

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These words of the promoter of the event ended up shocking the Senegalese Internet users and provoked a strong controversy in the social networks. The indignations are going well, the criticisms towards the organizer also. Old miss too came out of the shadows talking about their misadventures and went after Amina Badiane. For its part, the Feminist DaffaDoye movement, an organization that fights against violence against women and children, immediately organized itself, it calls for strenuous actions to clarify this issue. “No to apologies for rape No impunity for rapists and their accomplices. Yes for the dissolution of Miss Senegal’s organizing committee. That Justice be done” he called for through their poster widely shared on the networks. 


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