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SENEGAL – “It’s time for France to leave us alone,” says Ousmane Sonko

Ousmane Sonko

Ousmane Sonko went straight there. The leader of Pastef accused France of being largely responsible for the economic and political difficulties of its former colonies.Facing the press this Friday, July 2, 2021, the Senegalese opponent demanded the definitive withdrawal of France from the management of public affairs in Senegal. “It is time for France to leave us alone. It’s time for France to raise its knee with us,’ he said. According to him, the President of the Republic Macky Sall would be at the exclusive service of the interests of the country of Emmanuel Macron.

The Senegalese deputy and opponent, Ousmane Sonko, recalled the need for France to get out of the internal management of Senegal. During his statement to the press on Friday, July 2, he insisted that the former colony is responsible for the recurring tensions in the African continent. He said, however, that he has nothing against the French people, but that he denounces the unacceptable interference of France in the political terrain of its former colonies, and especially on the choice of presidential candidates. “The hypocrisy of this France is lived and expressed every day. We want it to stop interfering in our affairs. That the Senegalese people have the right to choose freely, and not because France has chosen a candidate with the methods we know.” ,” he said.

Ousmane Sonko can no longer accept that the African continent is the object of permanent and arbitrary exploitation by the French Republic. For him, Germany, Spain and Italy had colonies but these countries never interfere with the politics of the nations that were under their tutelage. The anti-system candidate finds it hard to understand why France is tirelessly trying to gain control over its former colonies. “It is time for France to take an example from its European neighbours… There is no former colony of France that is developed. France is no longer going to impose a president on us. It’s over.We’re not against France. What we’re against is exploitation. We want win-win cooperation.Seven centuries of colonization and now neocolonization is enough.” , hammered the third-place candidate in the 2019 presidential election.

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However, the 46-year-old Senegalese opponent acknowledges that African leaders in general and Senegalese in particular have a large part of responsibility in the difficulties faced by their people. Corruption, bad governance, misappropriation of public funds, nepotism, are all vices that are much more related to the incompetence of the government than to external influence, even though, he recalls, France has done nothing to stop this. “France is not responsible for the clientelism, the misappropriation of public funds, the incompetence of our leaders unable to identify priorities. It is not responsible for selling off our resources, even though it benefits from them to a large extent. All of this is the responsibility of our leaders.” , explained the leader of Pastef les Patriotes.

The Senegalese opponent calls on the Senegalese people to a total click that must result in a break with the vicious methods of governance that have led the African continent to this state of poverty and constant democratic retreat. 

Ousmane Sonko finally challenged the youth who, in his opinion, has a heavy responsibility to bring about change for an independent Africa able to manage its own resources and to get out of purely political calculations with the sole aim of staying in power. “Africa belongs to Africans and no one else. It is time for us to take our destiny in hand”, added the politician, optimistic about the future of the continent.


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