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SENEGAL-LEGISLATIVE: Sonko: 4th in Switzerland, Abdoul Mbaye 1st in Bale city!

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Ousmane Sonko and Abdoul Mbaye are the two revelations. Sonko (Coalition Ndawi Askanwi / People’s Alternative) garnered 48 votes in all the cantons, in Geneva he made 28 votes, placing 4th at the Swiss level after the Benno Bokk Yakaar Coalition (BBY-89), the Wattu Coalition Senegal (88 votes) and the Coalition Mankoo Taxawu Senegal (53 votes).

Abdoul Mbaye, the former very weak Pm in Geneva is very powerful in Bale city with 14 votes ahead of all coalitions. According to official figures collected by ContinentPremier, the total number of registrants is 779, the
Total number of voters: 387, number of invalid ballots: 5
And validly cast votes: 382
Giving a participation rate of 49.6%.

The APR, party of President Macky Sall wins for the first time also Switzerland because he had lost the first round of 2012 before benefiting from the postponement of the votes, he had also lost the referendum in Switzerland.

This vote of the Legislative Council of Sunday July 30, 2017 had another stake for the Diaspora to choose its deputy. The two best placed candidates in Switzerland were 2nd on the national lists, namely Dr Cissé Kane and Mr Adiouma Dioums Diallo. The duel was unprecedented but at the end of the final count Cissé terrace on a razor wire his brother Diallo with a score of 89 votes against 88!

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The Swiss of the Senegalese diaspora is becoming more and more politicized and by the time of the 2019 presidential election, it would not be surprising to see other names in the political arena.

Recall that Dr. Abdourahmane El Hadji Diouf, one of the best elements of Idrissa Seck is a Genevan! Moreover, it will be necessary to monitor the evolution of the party of Abdoul Mbaye and especially of Ousmane Sonko who have done scores more than honorable for a first electoral participation and without real political apparatus in Switzerland.

The excellent conduct of the elections in all the cantons concerned, the tact of Ambassador Coly Seck, the responsibility of the members of the Dean’s Office, the colleagues of Dr. Ibrahima Guissé and Mr. Mballo Ndiaye and representatives of the Government parties as Opposition That here the votes have been equal to the size of the Senegalese nation.

By El Hadji Gorgui Wade NDOYE – ContinentPremierCom


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