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SENEGAL-LEGISLATIVE: Taking out an identity card at the Consulate of Senegal in Paris is sticking its nerves!


We are 10 days before the legislative elections, it is with bitterness that I discover the lack of organization and consideration of the Consulate of Senegal in Paris with regard to its nationals citizens. This house where all Senegalese is supposed to feel at home is a machine to heat the nerves. No Teranga on the horizon!

For my part, I go back for the 2nd time to try to withdraw my identity card because the 1st time, it was not found! Once on the spot it is a group of French police officers (of course, it is not the staff of the Consulate) who is blocking us at the entrance and informs us that access is forbidden for the moment.

I wait like a hundred people found on the spot and it is only after 3 hours of waiting that the President of the DECENA informs us that following an incident occurred the day before no map will be restored today.

As a reminder, the Consul had apparently recruited young people to sort the voter cards between 6 pm and midnight so that they could be returned to the Senegalese living in the Yvelines. Needless to say, this is the electoral fief of President Macky Sall! And this without informing the opposition parties members of the committee responsible for the return of identity cards. Despite everything I decided to wait because by experience I know that the instructions of the consulate can change from one minute to another. Well I was right!

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Since an hour later we are informed that the distribution will be maintained and that it will only concern people whose names begin with A, B or C, even worse, this information is communicated to us by a French policeman, Entrance !

I decided to stay until the closure of the Consulate because it is a day of lost leave and it ended up paying because an hour and a half later a Senegalese gendarme this time informs us that the restitution of the cards Will do without regard to names. No reliable communication!

It is not better once inside, receipts misplaced in the offices of withdrawal, a DECENA President too defensive to the slightest question asked. And the cherry on the cake, I note that the withdrawal of the identity card is done without sign-up.

When did Senegal emerge so “sung” in the chapels of the militants of the ruling party?

Contribution by Masata Seydi-Member of the Paris / Ile-de-France Executive Board of the Central Union of Senegal (UCS).


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