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SENEGAL – Moustapha Guirassy leaves the hemicycle and speaks of political conspiracy against Ousmane Sonko

Moustapha Guirassy @L'Essentiel

The deputy Moustapha Guirassy present at the National Assembly this Friday, February 26, 2021 as part of the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of the deputy and opponent, Ousmane Sonko ended up leaving the hemicycle. The former minister deplored a political harassment without any legitimate basis against his colleague who came third in the presidential election in 2019.

“We came out of the room not to continue to witness this masquerade. Today, Senegal has simply missed an important train, a true emergence of the people, which brought its dignity to the fore, which promoted its social cohesion, which promoted its democratic achievements, its consolidations and its reinforcements. Today, unfortunately, we have seen a flagrant violation of the rules of procedure of the National Assembly, where they will waive the parliamentary immunity of a Member by not respecting the tasks assigned to the ad hoc committee set up for this purpose. No possibility of examining the documents, no possibility of even having the documents, no possibility of hearing the persons mentioned in the various minutes, no possibility to go into the substance not to judge the case but to decide whether or not a member could have his parliamentary immunity waived.”

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Defects of form that annoyed the deputy Moustapha Guirassy, persuaded “that it was a political conspiracy pure and simple. In an hour or two, the National Assembly executed, delivered a deputy […] The most serious is that the ad hoc commission, in deliberating, simply illegally deliberate because the required number of deputies were not set up, the resignations have not been replaced in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Procedure. From beginning to end, when we were talking about X, when we were talking about the conditions to fulfil our mission, absolutely nothing was respected.Obviously, there is complicity between the executive, the legislative and the judiciary.”

He talks about a rampant dictatorship in Senegal, a regime that flouts citizens’ rights and instils terror and intimidation. You have seen Senegal’s international ranking as a hybrid dictatorship, an imperfect dictatorship.Today, we are evolving towards a hybrid dictatorship,” Moustapha Guirassy said.


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