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SENEGAL – Objective: A car for the child of the people Guy Marius Sagna

Guy Marius Sagna

It all started with an initiative by Hannibal Djim, who came up with the idea of offering a car to Guy Marius Sagna. His appeal was heard by Senegalese netizens from the continent and the diaspora, who immediately espoused this generous idea. They decided to give him a car. This Saturday, March 27, 2021, more than 11 million FCFA were collected in 24 hours. They want to make it easier for the activist who is used to taking public transit. 

They will give him a car! It’s decided Guy Marius Sagna must have his own car. More than 11 million FCFA were mobilized in less than 48 hours by Senegalese Internet users from the continent and the diaspora. It all began when, after his release from prison, the activist explained on the set of the TV channel SenTv in the program Ndoumbélane, that he took transport for his travels. 

“Guy Marius Sagna is a worthy son of Senegal who does not hesitate to put himself in danger for the good of his people, it is with this in mind that the Senegalese present on the social networks decided to offer him a car for his safety”, it all started with this message spread on social networks and shared many times.  The creation of fund-raising accounts on the different platforms such as Wave, Orange Money, Jaapci, koparexpress made it possible to raise the pot. 

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Guy Marius Sagna, the tireless fighter, the activist with decisive actions, determined and tenacious, his fair-trade cotton bag on the shoulder, spokesman for the Frapp-France-Dégage movement, is so committed that he tends to forget himself. For Internet users, those who think that others before him, must be able to move without great difficulty.  “Guy Marius Sagna dafay ame auto force dolé mbame (Guy Marius Sagna will have a car cost as cost)” wrote O. Diagne, an Internet user.

“Buy the car. Don’t give him the money, the next day it will be over. He will make social actions out of it. He will buy medical equipment, make donations to prisons etc… dou nit(he does not think of himself, he only thinks of others). You have to buy the car by force,” said B. D. Koue, another Internet user. 

The one who is defined by the Senegalese as the “patriot in the heart of a lion” will soon be able to travel without taking public transport.As the saying goes “The hand that does not give never receives”. In other words, Guy Marius Sagna fights for the Senegalese and the Senegalese make him so proud.


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