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SENEGAL – A 72 H general strike in the primary sector

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The workers in the primary sector, disappointed by the outcome of negotiations with the Government which plays to delay, leave the table of negotiations and decree 72 hours of strike, from this Wednesday.

The intersyndicale of the primary sector (Synttas, Sytrapaset Snte), not happy with the turn of the negotiations with the government, rejects the negotiations, and decrees a general strike of 48 H, from this Wednesday, November 2, on the whole of the national territory.

These workers, who include agents from the primary sector, in particular from the Ministries in charge of Fisheries, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, are still denouncing the abolition of the incentive bonus, through a circular taken by the outgoing Minister of Finance and Budget, Abdoulaye Daouda Diallo.

So far, no agreement with the Government that is delaying has been made. But these workers, facing the press, intend to go to the end, it is not even excluded to make an unlimited strike, because it is the dignity of agents of the primary sector that is at stake. And this dignity will never be violated. And it is up to the State to respect its commitments».

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The lack of will of the State of Senegal to provide solutions to their demands was decried. The government came up with a proposal to reduce initial premiums by 50% under the pretext of fiscal tension and cash-flow difficulties,” said the workers, who proposed a 75% cut.

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