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SENEGAL: ONE PLANET SUMMIT: Youssou Ndour calls for the cancellation of African debt


France hosted the fourth edition of the biodiversity summit on Monday, January 11, 2021. By videoconference because of the pandemic, heads of state met to talk about the preservation of flora and fauna. The internationally renowned Senegalese singer, Youssou Ndour, after the screening of his single “Bear” with Christophe Maé on global warming, called on the heads of state present to cancel the African debt.

The planetary artist, Youssou Ndour, seized this 4th edition of “One Planet Summit” to challenge the French president on the importance of the cancellation of the African debt which risks strangling African countries already in an economic abyss.

Youssou Ndour reminded the French head of state, Emmanuel Macron, of the origin of the pollution and did not fail to plead in favor of African countries in front of a good number of personalities from around the world.

“Mr. President Africa needs a lot more support, because pollution and all its things that impact us do not come from our countries but rather from rich countries and that is why we must reconsider enormously things. And I totally agree with your speech this morning on effectively conditional cancellation of African debt of the poorest countries, I have spoken with President Macky Sall and many other presidents. “ did he declare. Without detours, he says: “we want the cancellation of this debt Mr. President.”

This important Summit on environmental issues brings together heads of state and government, as well as leaders of international organizations, financial institutions, the economic sector, activists and NGOs, all determined to accelerate international action in favor of nature and to make concrete commitments to fight against the loss of biodiversity.


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