Home POLITICS SENEGAL : President Macky Sall launches Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

SENEGAL : President Macky Sall launches Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).


The new project of the Senegalese government in the field of transport will relieve the populations. Buses with a high level of service will be able to mitigate the ordeal of passengers who are struggling to return to downtown. These buses will link the Petersen bus station (in downtown Dakar) to the prefecture of Guédiawaye (the suburbs).

The state will disburse 300 billion CFA francs to provide the population with 144 buses that can transport nearly 300,000 passengers a day in record time. Indeed, passengers have always taken offense at the time lost to go to the capital, Dakar. The Rapid Transit Bus (BRT) will halve the travel time between the Dakar suburbs and the City Center, especially as it travels on reserved lanes stretching 18.3 km.

People will now be able to access downtown in 45 minutes, unlike the 95 minutes they were used to. Regular traffic jams can be avoided and students at Dakar’s Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD) will have less pressure to go to work on time.

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Photo crédit : Lionel Mandeix


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