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TUNISIA: President Kais Saied sworn in.


Out largely victorious in the second round of presidential elections on October 13, 2019 with 72.71 votes, President Kais Saied was sworn in this Wednesday, October 24, 2019 at 12h. An opportunity for him to spread his roadmap generally based on the fight against terrorism and the consolidation of women’s rights.

In his inaugural speech in Arabic in front of the 2014 term of office and the assembly elected on October 6th, Kais Saied, the 61 years old new President of the Tunisian Republic, thanked the people who trusted him and intend to build a new Tunisia with the watchwords: hope, freedom and dignity.

This special occasion was also an opportunity for the President to insist on the fight against terrorism in all its forms and on the need to fight corruption and the misappropriation of public funds which will only accentuate poverty in the country. .

In the same way, the constitutional law specialist is committed to upholding women’s rights, especially in the economic and social spheres. Women have a decisive role to play in this new impetus to take the country.

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After this first address to the nation, the second democratically elected president of Tunisia went to Carthage where the acting president, Mohamed Ennaceur, should pass the torch. The formation of his government should be effective in 10 days.


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