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SENEGAL – Royal naming ceremony in the United States of Aby Dior Fall, daughter of Producer Ousmane Fall Jordan and his wife Aïcha Séne Fall 

Aïcha Sène Fall

The naming ceremony of Aby Dior Fall, daughter of producer Ousmane Fall Jordan, editor of the website www.arcnewsinternational.com based in Belgium and Aïcha Séne Fall was held in Tampa, Florida, USA, in the presence of two families, friends and colleagues.

Aïcha Séne Fall would like to thank her family, in-laws, friends and colleagues in particular: Adjia Dior Thiam; Adja Khady; Ms. Ly; Mor Ly; Malcom Diaw; Maréme Mbathio Diop Sisi; Thiané Sall; Ms. Ndiaye Seynabou Sall; Amy Diba; Ms. Mbow Bally Thiam; Mr Mouhamed Ndiaye; Ms Ndiaye; Jaynaba Touré; Mr Babacar Ndiaye; Maréma Gueye; Ms Ndiaye Sophie; Souleymane Ndiaye; Ms Diagne Adji Ouléye Gueye; Mr Ndiogou Diagne; Astou Guisse; Oumy Ndiour; Ms Fall Adji Ndiaye; Mom Maty Mbaye; Adja Thiam; Khady Mané Barrow; Léna Kébé; Fatou Mbaye; Ms. Ndiaye Thiaba; Tata Dieynaba; Ndéye Awa Diagne; Tata Ndéye Coumba Gueye; Ms. Diaw Mamico; Alassane Ka.

Aïcha Séne Fall also would like to thank all those who participated in the success of this naming ceremony: Ndeye Khady Diokh; Lalia Sy; Anna Diagne; Mamy Gaye; Tata Mamy Thiam and her family in Paris; Tata Maimouna Thiam and her family in the Medina in Dakar; El Hadji Alioune Sall and his wife Gloria in Belgium; Nancy Mbaye in Brussels; Katy Thiam; Khady BA in Liége; Maimouna Diallo in Arlon; Fatou Thiaw in Mbour Senegal; Special Mention to Maman Dior Thiam, Maman Aby Diallo, Assy Fall, Adjia Khady and her husband Mor Ly.

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