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SENEGAL: The Guy Marius Sagna activity released.


Guy Marius Sagna is finally free. This is the big news for this Tuesday, March 3, 2020. The activist, in prison since November 2019 following a demonstration against the rise in the price of electricity, has been granted temporary release, according to his lawyers.

The famous anti-franc CFA activist Guy Marius Sagna, accused of having participated in an unauthorized demonstration, had seen several of his requests for provisional release rejected by the judicial authorities.

His detention sparked protests across the country. Many Senegalese took to the streets of Dakar to demand his release. It is now done since the activist returned on Tuesday, in a taxi, after receiving the release order signed by the dean of judges.

The Front de Résistance Nationale (FRN), the main active collective of the opposition, is delighted with such a decision which contributes to appeasing political tension, consolidating democracy and respecting the rights of citizens. Indeed, Amnesty International and the Senegalese human rights league considered the detention of a citizen whose only wrong was to demonstrate against the rise in the price of electricity to be completely arbitrary.


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