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LIBYA: BLACK IS BLACK! Africa: the world turns a blind eye to the slave market in Libya.

(Crédits : Reuters)

Not surprisingly, as we mentioned in 2011, despite jeers and lies against us, chaos is indeed installed in Libya. Six years after the brutal fall of Brother Guide Muammar Gaddafi, murdered with unheard-of violence, Libya remains a state of lawlessness where armed groups compete for territory and resources while vast arms trading smuggling networks operate. with impunity.

Libya, massacred by the NATO countries in 2011 has become a market for contemporary slaves. A market favored by migrants. A complex network traffic largely ignored by the whole world, especially those who have unjustly made war on Libya. When after some Westerners cry wolf, attacking migrants and accusing them of all the evils of the world, they must first ask themselves the question of why. Of course, among the migrants, there are terrorists previously financed, trained and helped by the West.

The migrants, whom the power of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya managed to contain, are today transformed into slaves in Libya. This even looks like a give and take industry with the West, especially since Libya is a transit country. Those who enrich themselves today on the backs of Libyans. this blatant violation of human rights clearly does not affect the donors of lessons.

Eight sub-Saharan migrants plead for release in the Surman detention center. The director of the center (not shown) is standing in front of the cell, threatening to hit them with a stick if you do not calm down. The detainees remain motionless
The owners of slaves, mostly militia leaders, who go from one detention center for migrants to another, to buy them, enjoy an abysmal impunity. Then they practice forced labor and even sexual exploitation. They are workers in construction or agriculture. The worst is the silence of African leaders. As if they preferred that their nationals leave the mother earth and go to die far from the territory …

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21 migrant women lined up in the prison yard to board buses that transferred to another detention center after being sold to the armed militia that controls the Surman detention center in western Libya / Narciso Contreras.

Migrants are sold for between $ 200 and $ 500 on average and are held for two to three months, witnesses said. Many come from Nigeria, Senegal and Gambia. They are captured as they head north of the Mediterranean coast of Libya, where some are trying to take boats to Italy. They are then preyed on a wide range of armed groups and smuggling networks. Then follow tortures, extortion, etc.

The London terrorist, who killed 22 teenagers in Manchester last night, is Salman Abedi. He was 22 years old. He was of Libyan origin. His family had moved to England to “flee” Gaddafi’s power … That’s what they did with Libya …

Source: MamAfrika TV | By Allain Jules


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