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LIBYA: Migrants sold at auction.

Capture d'image de la vidéo de CNN

A video obtained by CNN (and taken by several media) showing migrants sold at auction in Tripoli, does not stop shocking. We see migrants exposed as merchandise, and the seller propose “big and strong men” or “it is a minor, a great strong man, it will dig”. Here you can buy a human being at 400 euros.

Starting from the video of the migrants sold at auction in Tripoli that came to him, the American television channel went to investigate on the spot, and to film in hidden cameras one of these sales, organized the night in a village located not far from the Libyan capital.

Here you can buy a human being at 400 euros.”

On social networks, the reactions of indignation and revolt are not lacking. Just like Claudy Siar’s big jab. Very up, he laments in a video that a report “shows these young people that we sell, without anyone say anything? The leaders say nothing, the intellectuals say nothing, the journalists do not say anything? From the continent, no one revolts? Footballers who have the means do not say anything? Do you let your brothers get sold? What can descendants of slaves like me think, must think? So that’s what happened with my ancestor? We close our eyes !!? You do not understand that what is being played? “. This understandable reaction of the radio host was seen by 860,546 people and shared 47,226 times at the time of writing.

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Let’s hope that the report below, will help to shake the consciences of decision makers, especially those of the black continent!


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