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SENEGAL: The hospital ship Africa Mercy has arrived.


Mercy Ships landed on August 14, 2019 at Mole 1 of the Dakar Autonomous Port for a period of ten months. The Africa Mercy hospital ship arrived in Senegal as part of a humanitarian mission. This hospital ship has the mission to help people suffering from a surgical pathology.

Indeed, the work started in all the hospital structures well before its arrival with an exhaustive census on all the territory of the patients living with a handicap. His arrival in Dakar, capital of Senegal, will allow these 3,000 Senegalese to benefit from medical care.

Its surface area is 1200 m2 and its crew is around 300 people made up of 40 families of different nationalities. Mercy Ships contains 5 operating theaters, 4 recovery beds and an 80-seater hospital ward.

With experienced surgeons to his credit, the boat focuses on interventions such as corrective and reconstructive maxillofacial surgeries (physical ailments such as tumors, cleft lips, palatal clefts and noma). They also intervene in the case of hernias or goitres, blindness or cataract.


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