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[VOICES OF WOMEN] – “These genetic diseases or malformations are in no way a curse” according to Senegalese-Congolese jurist Taurelle Souala Madior Fall

Taurelle Souala Madior Fall @Ze-Africanews

The Senegalese-Congolese jurist Taurelle Souala Madio Fall has just published her first novel «Violence au féminin» at the Harmattan editions. In this book where we will come back more widely through an exclusive interview, testimonies of women are collected. Today, she is speaking to us about the issue of handicaps that are poorly tolerated, which affect certain African families.

According to Taurelle Souala Madio Fall, “These genetic diseases or malformations are by no means a curse.” The people affected by these accidents of life must be supported and accompanied for their personal development. She gave the example of sickle cell disease, a disease she experienced during her studies in France a few years ago. She insists that the families affected must also be made aware in order to better understand these diseases, not to be afraid to face them but above all to take good care of their loved one who finds himself in this situation not chosen.
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