Home POLITICS XENOPHOBIA IN SOUTH AFRICA: Nigeria opts for response.

XENOPHOBIA IN SOUTH AFRICA: Nigeria opts for response.


Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president, has taken action and is carrying out “his decisive measures” that he announced on Monday (September 9th) in Lagos.

After publicly expressing dissatisfaction with the treatment inflicted on his fellow citizens. He did not miss these behaviors as barbaric and inhuman acts aimed more particularly at his people. This is how Muhammadu Buhari goes on the offensive.

Indeed, the President has just canceled the participation of his entire government in the World Economic Forum which opened in Cape Town on Wednesday, 11 September. He also recalled his ambassador and sent a special flight for the repatriation of his compatriots living in the country of Nelson Mandela. At present, 213 Nigerians have arrived at Lagos International Airport. In the same vein, Nigeria, a major oil exporter with millions of barrels per day, is closing the door for South African corporations.

It is as much to say that the battle is launched between two African economic powers which seek to occupy the economic market of the continent. However, it is not ignored, the unwavering support of Nigerian artists, known and followed on all platforms of social networks. Like Burna Boy who posted on Instagram that he was not going to return to South Africa because of the racist behavior he had during his stay. Tiga Savage, meanwhile, canceled her concert in Johannesburg, and because she will never accept that her people are massacred in South Africa. Thus, it is important to answer how far these divergences between Nigeria and South Africa will go and the consequences that the entire African continent should suffer.

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