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AFRICA: The Mandingo Empire cared about the environment.

Gorgui Wade Ndoye, Director of the Magazine Continent premier - Photo credit page facebook.

The celebration of the World Day of Africa at the height of the Music Festival was marked in Geneva by a major conference of the cycle on the “place of Africa in the 21st century”. This cycle was launched by the pan-African online magazine ContinentPremier under the name of “Literary Ginger”.

The ambition is to create a bridge, modestly, and from international Geneva, between Africa and the rest of the world. Plural views on different aspects of relations between Africa and the rest of the world. An articulation made with African and international issues.

For example, the Human Rights Council and its functioning, its importance and the stakes of this important UN body, was addressed by Ambassador Coly Seck, who ensures its presence on behalf of Senegal. Recall, with Dr. Ibrahima Guissé of the University of Geneva (UNIGE), moderator, that the creation of the UN, there were only four African states. Today they are no less than 54. How can this African presence, which has improved over time, be positive?

Is Africa today able to bring this “extra soul” that many expect from it? On the question of world peace, at the time when walls are being built here and there, the example of the Senegambian bridge, which brings the Senegalese people closer to the Gambian people, was given as a case study by the Dr. Caroline Roussy, from Paris. The lack of solidarity between African States and others is also a handicap to the establishment of a fertile multilateralism that is conducive to the development and fulfillment of all men. Dr. Anne Cécile Robert, of the “Diplomatic World”, has dissected the relations of domination between States which is a source of conflicts, hatred and rejection between peoples.

To see today the issue of international migration! A migration that goes with its lot of prejudices on migrants especially African. Here, the media have a role to play that can be both positive and negative. Communication specialist and CEO of the Label TV and Radio press group in Gabon, Dr. Mactar Silla, who also made the trip from Libreville to Geneva for the 15th anniversary of ContinentPremier, gave some food for thought and called in particular the press to fully assume its role in consolidating Africa’s place in the twenty-first century.

On the environmental issue, Professor Makane Mbengue of UNIGE, brilliant international jurist, recalled that the Charter of Mandé (Mandingo Empire of Soundjata Keita of Mali), which goes back to the time of the Magna Carta, already mentioned the safeguarding the environment.

Africa, which pollutes less than others today, is paying a heavy price. To save humanity when there is still time, the Global Compact on the environment has been adopted by the international community. President Laurent Fabius, who had raised this pact in the name of France, understood this well by asking the pan-Africanist and humanist artist Ismael Lô to be one of the promoters.

Source: Tribune de Genève