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SENEGAL: “Adversity, My Ally” the new book of Moustapha Thiam

Moustapha Thiam, author and entrepreneur

Moustapha Thiam has just released his first book “Adversity, My Ally” from his small Senegalese village to Paris, where he built his career and entrepreneurial success. Learning to understand, to work hard, to aim for an objective and to stick to it in order to develop: this is what he shares in this book «Adversity, My Ally». 

Moustapha Thiam returns to anecdotes, memories and teachings that were transmitted to him by his father. It was not counting death, who would come and steal his dreams in the air… The love and benevolence of his family was his breath of rebirth. 

Through this writing work, Moustapha Thiam retraces the stages of his professional ascension and the principles that guided him.Without ever forgetting where he comes from or those who helped him, he gives in this new book some tips from his personal achievements as well as codes to attract success. 

Tenacious in his efforts, constant and ambitious, Moustapha Thiam was especially fond of others. Today, he is grateful for what he has received and he must also share it with his entourage and the youth as a whole.Between a personal story and a coaching book, this book is my gift. 

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According to him, “Each one of us holds his destiny in his own hands”. He is thus convinced that it is enough to draw from within us the will and the energy to advance on our way of life. 

His message is addressed to the young people of Europe and Africa, whom he encourages to undertake and persevere, despite the difficulties of daily life and of a disturbed international context. The goal is for it to face itself in order to take charge of itself, so the failures overcome will turn into a force.  

Moustapha Thiam holds a Master’s degree and an MBA thesis in human resources at NEOMA and ESG Paris, he then had a remarkable career in large multinationals (Manpower, Randstad, Business & Decision, Neurones IT). His dream nearly ended with cancer, which he fought with courage. CEO of the recruitment consulting firm, IT Requirements and founding president of the association MSDA (Mouvement Solidaire pour le Développement de l’Afrique), Moustapha Thiam is a young leader and speaker who speaks on employment and entrepreneurship topics at universities in France and Africa. His fight is to support young people in their professional integration.

“Adversity, my ally” of Moustapha Thiam

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