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6 MINUTE WITH – Open heart with Ousmane Fall Jordan director of Arc-En-Ciel Music and ArcNews International

Ousmane Fall Jordan Director of Arc-En-Ciel Music and ArcNews International

In this exclusive interview, Ousmane Fall Jordan tells us about his label Arc-En-Ciel Music, its beginnings, its ambitions, its collaborations with various artists, including Youssou Ndour and Baba Maal, but above all, his achievements in Belgium through his cap as Manager and Cultural Entrepreneur. The one that can be presented as the King of the Brussels event, especially in the Senegalese community, also explained the creation of its website affiliated with its label: ArcNews Internation, a generalist site of course focused on the promotion of culture as a whole. Ze-Africanews went to meet him.

Ze-Africanews: Can you introduce yourself?
Ousmane Fall Jordan:
My name is Ousmane Fall Jordan. I am a Senegalese living in Belgium for more than 23 years with my wife Aïcha Sène Fall whom I greet in passing and my children to whom I say a little hello. I am the director of the Arc-En-Ciel Music label, which has been in Belgium for almost 15 years and is responsible for promoting artists. Arc-En-Ciel Music is also a springboard between artists who are in Belgium and those who are in Senegal and around the world. I am also the Founder and Managing Editor of an ArcNews International news site that is also based in Belgium and is currently distributed in three countries which are France, Belgium and Senegal with an upcoming extension in the United States. Apart from all these hats, I also work in a logistics transport and distribution company in Belgium for several years.

Ze-Africanews: Can you explain the different actions you are doing with your label?
Ousmane Fall Jordan:
First our website is another extension of our label Arc-En-Ciel Music. We promote artists and we are also producers. We had to produce many shows at the level of Belgium and Europe. The objective of these events is to promote Senegalese artists in Belgium and internationally.

The full interview to watch here:

Ze-Africanews: Show us your website!
Ousmane Fall Jordan:
Our website is international. Before, our events were covered by our various employees, partner sites, friends with whom we have always worked. At one point, we thought we had to have our own communication support attached to our label, which explains the birth of ArcNews International, but we still work and collaborate with our former collaborators. ArcNews International is a media project that we are organizing. We are not here to compete with anyone but to strengthen the Senegalese media landscape in particular and the international one in particular in Belgium.

Ze-Africanews: You used to work with other website partners who broadcast your news, what reports do you have today?
Ousmane Fall Jordan:
Cordial relations because we have known each other for a long time and most through showbiz. This allowed us to strengthen our relationships and make them much more professional. We also continue to work because I think that at the end, it’s really a win-win partnership between them and us.

Ze-Africanews: Do you have sections on politics, society, economics, etc., or is it more focused on culture?
Ousmane Fall Jordan:
We deal with everything as a generalist site, but we can safely say that culture occupies a very large place. Because we have a music label and we work with artists. We also disseminate their information whether it be their tours, releases of their album, single or other projects. I think that beyond cultural information, we are able to communicate political, sports and health information. We do everything possible to keep our ethics and ethics to communicate reliable information, verified from the source.

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Ze-Africanews: ArcNews international was created in Belgium but you are present in other countries, can you tell us which countries are in question and what are your next projects in relation to the extension of your media?
Ousmane Fall Jordan:
For the moment, we are already present in Belgium where we have a team that has started its work. We have a director who works with journalists in Senegal and France. As a founder and investor, I am the Chairman and CEO of the group, I aim even further to develop the site. My wife is most of the time in the United States, so we are seeing our installation in that American area where we already have correspondents.

Ze-Africanews: Thanks to your label, you work with many singers from the continent precisely in Senegal, which is your country of origin, how was this fusion made and what are the different artists with whom you have already collaborated?
Ousmane Fall Jordan:
It happened naturally. Most artists are already people with whom we have more or less started. At one point, we wanted to do TV, others preferred to do journalism or animation. I told myself that I want to be a manager, a cultural entrepreneur, which means that the core has remained the same for more than 25 years as when we started. We all do more or less the same thing because we find ourselves in the same field of action which is the event. We thus have a good relationship and work in a professional manner. We worked with Youssou Ndour, Baba Maal, Titi, Viviane, Tarba Mbaye…

Ze-Africanews: What are your concrete projects for ArcNews International and what are your long-term goals?
Ousmane Fall Jordan:
In the long term, we first want to mass by working professionally to earn the respect of readers and Internet users. The goal is really to establish itself as a credible media in the Senegalese and international landscape. We have an idea to set up an application to make it even easier for our readers to access information. This is what we have set ourselves as a goal: to broaden but above all to be credible and to earn the respect of the community as a medium.

Ze-Africanews: Do you have a message to send to your audience and specifically to the Senegalese?
Ousmane Fall Jordan:
First of all, a big thank you to our collaborators: DJ AL in France, Sheikh Assane, Sokhna Oumou Sall, Fallo Ndiaye, Khadim Konaté, Doctor Falilou Samb and Amath Diop in the United States, but also to Lord Alajiman, former member of Daara J. I would also like to thank the Internet users who read, comment on and share the articles. We hope to continue to live up to the expectations they have placed in us.


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