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AFRICA – Kémi Séba blows up what he calls the “persecution of opponents”

Kémi Séba

While the political field is in turmoil on the African continent precisely in Senegal where President Macky Sall’s opponent Nº 1, Ousmane Sonko, the leader of Pastef is accused of rape by ADJ Sarr, a masseuse of 21 years, Pan-African activist Kémi Séba denounces the “persecution of opponents” and “political injustice”.

“In Senegal, Ousmane is now experiencing a political injustice, I repeat, a political injustice.As Abdoulaye Wade said, with whom I have had many disagreements but who has the merit, as I grow older and wiser, Let’s face it, Ousmane Sonko was naive because an institutional politician so much fought by the power in place cannot afford to seek to be massed in the evening outside his home without witnesses. He leaves the door open to all invention and manipulation of sponsors who have only one obsession, to erase it from the Senegalese political scene. This repression that reminds us of the darkest ages and times in history with regard to the elimination of opponents must lead us to question “who are our greatest enemies?” Of course that Macky Sall works under the orders of the French interests, we all know it, and it is no coincidence that the people in reaction to the repression that Ousmane Sonko is experiencing decided to attack industries such as TOTAL, Orange etc. It is no accident, they know very well why they did it, because by attacking Ousmane Sonko, it is Senegalese sovereignty that is attacked as when I am attacked everywhere in francophone Africa.When the leaders attack me, it is because they respond to the orders issued by our dear and tender Emmanuel Macron. But, if Emmanuel Macron gives the orders, the African who is at the head of our states, has the responsibility and the duty of choice, spit serve the interests of his people, as did Thomas Isidore Sankara, or as did even if we can still discuss it Muammar El Gadhafi, or on the other hand to serve foreign interests and also to accept in the end to pay the price. By attacking Ousmane Sonko as they do in Senegal, by attacking Boby Wine they did in Uganda, by attacking in my person as it happens all over francophone Africa, the African authorities show us that they have the power to repress their fellows but that they have the facility to get on all fours when it comes to receiving orders through all the necessary orifices emanating from the western oligarchy and more precisely of the French oligarchy.”


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