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BENIN: ABMS presents a new range of contraceptives.


The range of contraceptive products is expanding. A new method of contraception has indeed been made available to the populations. It is “Sayana Press” whose official launch took place this 26 September 2017 at the health center of Glo-Djigbé in the municipality of Abomey-Calavi. The mobilization was for the occasion very strong. 

The context is special and the situation is very worrying. According to the latest data, Benin remains the sick child in the subregion in terms of implementation of family planning. Surrounding 8 out of 100 women adopt a contraceptive method according to the results of the 2011-2012 demographic health survey; a figure that places Benin in the last position in the subregion. Yet the benefits of family planning have been demonstrated. Efforts to improve the health of populations and accelerate development must therefore be strengthened. This justifies the introduction of the new method of contraception ” Sayana Press ” in the range of contraceptives in Benin. The Benin government, through the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with its network of partners, including USAID and the Beninese Association for Social Marketing and Communication for Health (ABMS), officially launched the program on September 26 . The ceremony brought together an impressive crowd in which we can identify crowned heads, religious dignitaries, politico-administrative authorities, PSI / ABMS staff, community relays, health workers, representatives of technical and financial partners.

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Like other existing methods, Sayana Press is a contraceptive that “allows to have the number of children desired and at the right time”. It is injectable for a period of validity of 3 months. Its particularity is that it is available at least in all health facilities. From the USAID resident representative to the representative of the UNFPA resident representative through the political and administrative authorities, all welcomed the advent of this method by recalling the benefits of birth spacing for the development of a countries such as Benin. These include control of childbearing, control of infant, maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity, improving the health status of women, mothers, newborns and infants, child. That is why they urged people to appropriate this new method. The extension project of ” Sayana Press ” currently takes into account 6 health zones, 11 communes. It will be extended to other health zones by 2018 promises the representative of the Minister of Health, Landry Yansounou who also announced that the government plans to decree free family planning in the days to come.

Source: The Pharaons.com / By Polycarpe Hounsou


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