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COVID-19 – US to deliver 25 million doses to Africa


With the staggering evolution of Covid-19 around the world, particularly in Africa, the U.S. government has decided to make its contribution to breaking the chain of contamination. 49 African countries will receive 25 million doses of Johnson & Johnson, Moderna or Pfizer vaccines. This is the announcement made by Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Friday 16 July 2021. In a context where compliance with barrier measures seems ineffective in curbing the spread of the virus, the use of vaccines remains the only solution.

The United States intends to help African countries. 25 million doses of Johnson & Johnson, Moderna or Pfizer vaccines will be shipped to the African continent to support governments in the fight against the pandemic. With the emergence of the more severe Delta variant, vaccination campaigns must be accelerated to protect at least 60% of the African population. According to a senior Joe Biden official, the first countries served will be Djibouti and Burkina Faso with 151,200 doses of Johnson & Johnson, while Ethiopia will receive 453,600 doses. The U.S. donation will be made in collaboration with multilateral organizations such as the African Union and Covax, a distribution organization of the World Health Organization and the Gavi Vaccine Alliance. This is the contribution of this global power to the current health crisis.The Biden Administration is committed to leading the global response to the pandemic,” said Gayle Smith, U.S. Department of State Covid-19 Issues Officer.

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Vaccines are eagerly awaited in the coming days. The third wave of contamination is very worrying as the resuscitation beds are fully occupied and the shortage of medical oxygen is noted even in the large hospitals of the continent.

The United States intends to face the crisis by all means. To date, the White House has reported a donation of 40 million doses sent around the world. That’s not all! Washington also plans to purchase 500 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine for distribution to the African Union and 92 developing countries.


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