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ITALY: Two ministers of Matteo Renzi’s party resign


Former Italian Council President Matteo Renzi made the announcement on Wednesday January 13, 2021 of the resignation of the two ministers from his “Italia Viva” party. A decision that should not surprise the government authorities because those concerned, the Minister of Agriculture Teresa Bellanova (Agriculture) and that of the Family Elena Bonetti, have always shown a certain hostility regarding the management of the pandemic in the country by the government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The leader of Italia Viva, the former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, in a press conference at the end of Wednesday January 13 announced the resignation of the two ministers from his party “Italia Viva”, Teresa Bellanova and Elena Bonetti. A decision prejudicial to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte who is no longer guaranteed to have a majority in parliament. Indeed, without the 18 senators of Italia Viva, the government would need new support in the Senate, but its majority is on the other hand sufficiently large in the Chamber of Deputies.

Matteo Renzi has not been kind to the Italian government. He criticizes him for his solitary management of the current health crisis and his willingness to spend the 200 billion euros that the European Union must grant to Italy as part of its mega-economic recovery plan. Moreover, a new version of this plan was adopted Tuesday evening in the Council of Ministers, but the two ministers of Italia Viva preferred to abstain.

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“We will not allow anyone to have full powers. This means that the habit of governing with decree-laws that turn into other decree-laws […] represents for us a violation of the rules of the game. We ask respect for democratic rules “, hammered Matteo Renzi before continuing by specifying this:” We have no prejudices either on the names, or on the formulas. ”

However, this distance taken from the Italian government of Giuseppe Conte in no way means that Matteo Renzi’s party is considering a coalition with the far right of Matteo Salvini. On this specific point, the leader of Italia Viva is categorical: “We will never give life to a government with the forces of the sovereignist right that we have fought.”


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