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SENEGAL – Captain Touré “I have decided to return the entire amount collected to the family of Constable Mohamed Lakhzaf Aïdara”

Capitaine Oumar Touré et Bentaleb Sow

A gesture of solidarity, noble and greatness, is that of the former captain of the Research Section of Colobane, Seydina Oumar Touré. He made the decision on Thursday, August 26, 2021 to offer the entire amount collected for him to the family of Mohamed Lakhzaf Aïdara. Following the disbarment of Captain Touré, Internet users, under the leadership of Bentaleb Sow, launched a fundraiser to which 300 people contributed. This prize pool launched on Monday 28 June 2021 allowed to collect 1.153.776 FCFA, according to its organizers. But, the 32-year-old investigator, pleased with the highly salutary gesture of Internet users, returned the entire sum to the family of his gendarme friend, the late Mohamed Lakhzaf Aïdara who served under his orders in the Research Section. The sum is distributed as follows: 500,000 for his mother, 266,000 for his son, 266,000 for his widow. In a message published on his Facebook page on Thursday, August 26, Captain Touré returned to this symbolic gesture without forgetting to call for tolerance on social networks where insults and slander arise from everywhere. This is the high-level message issued by the one that was disbarred from the gendarmerie by the President of the Republic, Macky Sall.

“My dear compatriots, in the weeks following my disbarment, I was seized by Mr. Bentaleb Sow, a friend, who informed me of the desire of several Internet users to make a gesture to help me overcome this ordeal. It was a great honour that I accepted with great gratitude and gratitude. I appreciated this highly symbolic gesture. Yesterday, he informed me again that the pot was closed and that more than 300 people contributed to it. For me the amount raised does not matter, but the gesture and the number of people has today reinforced my belief in my ideals and my pride to belong to the Senegalese people, just men and women. Thank you very much. 

However, I decided to return the entire amount collected to the family of Constable Mohamed Lakhzaf AIDARA. But you can see, my dear donors, that my acceptance of the gift predates my friend’s death. So this act is in no way synonymous with a refusal. On the contrary, I think we can be proud of this gesture because this man was good and very close to me. You helped me do something for him. In my opinion, there is no such thing as chance. 

In passing, I apologize to the family of the deceased gendarme for having published this information on Facebook with their agreement of course. I ask you to understand the circumstances of this donation which motivated this publicity. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who are following with great interest my thoughts on my Facebook page. I sometimes want to respond to the thousands of people who express themselves, comment on or write to me on Messenger. I do everything I can to respond to as many messages as possible. Unfortunately there are many of us, it is not easy to reconcile it with work and studies. But I have the same interest for everyone, because it is you and your interventions that motivate me and encourage me every day to reveal my thoughts, which are certainly very modest and limited.  

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Also, I have seen instances of altercations of insults against me. Please do not respond to the provocation. I like that quote from the Dalai Lama when he says “don’t let the behaviour of others come to destroy your inner peace”. Indeed, those who insult in public reveal themselves and expose their education. When you respond in his way you become identical and your judgment becomes similar. Remember that on the internet, the virtual takes precedence over the real so a word is enough for a saint to be taken for a moron and an idiot for a reflection. Respond to hatred with tolerance and intolerance with indifference. Let us take the example of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba MBACKÉ who, during his lifetime, could ask an entire community to rise up against its oppressor. Even the oppressor, at times, wondered why this oppressed person did not take advantage of his community’s dedication to arm wrestling.

Imagine a man wrongly persecuted at home, who had the opportunity to ask his disciples to repel the invader but never made use of violence, not even verbal. Yet he has bequeathed a way of life, a behaviour, a mentality and a culture that transcend generations. This is enough as an example for any man who claims to be a believer and, moreover, a Senegalese. Let us also take inspiration from the time that makes no noise and hardly makes itself felt, yet everything that exists in this world is coming to an end.

Let us pray together for the late Constable Mohamed Lakhzaf AIDARA, an exceptional man. May heaven be his last resting place. Let us pray for him, he deserves it amply”.


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