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IVORY COAST – Accomplices of a large drug trafficking arrested, the population outraged


The case is making a lot of noise in Côte d’Ivoire right now. The Ivorian police, exploiting the information received, have dismantled a vast network of drug trafficking in the country. People of a rather respectable social class were arrested as a result of this operation.

These seven people who are staying at the Abidjan Detention and Correction Centre ( MACA ) have been charged since June 2, 2022 with ‘complicity in international cocaine trafficking’. These are:
– Mr Gorayeb Richard, DG Establishments T.G.M.R
– Dominique Amata, Head of 911 Security
– Mr Hussein Taan, owner of ‘Cakes and Breads’ and ‘Pasta and Pizza’
– Mr. Akoula Amon Chauvin-Buthaud, owner of Maison Akoula (Assinie)
– Dago Yannick, Regional Director of the Compagnie Ivoirienne d’Électricité (CIE) of San Pedro
– Commissioner Dosso Karamoko (DK) dit Alasco, Director of the San Pedro Criminal Police
– and Mr. Bakayoko Lama, police officer, head of the DPSD in San Pedro.
This revolting affair arouses indignation and anger among the Ivorian population who believe that these financially stable people have betrayed the trust placed in them. These substances, which endanger the health of its mainly youth users, also create insecurity in the country.

The scale of this trafficking is terrifying. Large quantities of drugs are routinely seized by law enforcement. It is a sign of the times. In March 2022, the Côte d’Ivoire National Gendarmerie intercepted 1.56 tonnes of cocaine in Abidjan.

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The international magazine VICE had in 2020, reported a significant drug trafficking in Côte d’Ivoire with the involvement of an important personality of the country. Today, this scandal is still causing a lot of ink and saliva in this country, where the prices of food and everyday products continue to rise. People still do not understand how some authorities supposed to embody morality and the fight against youth perdition pose themselves as masters of a drug cartel. These licentious practices allow them to collect huge sums through a well-oiled bleaching channel while the poor people struggle to find a good meal a day.

Through this beautiful capture, the power of Abidjan has just given a strong signal to all. She is determined to fight against this scourge. Let us hope that the ongoing investigations will make it possible to arrest all the actors of this traffic in order to disarticulate definitively. The days to come will place us on the course of this affair.


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