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IVORY COAST: Afrika Toon launches a cartoon about Houphouët-Boigny’s childhood.


African historical figures who have positively influenced their time with rewarding actions can be a source of inspiration for future generations. These characters also inspire Ivorian studio Afrika Toon, who today has the opportunity to bring them to life through animation. After “Pokou, princess ashanti”, “Soundjata” and “Wê”, Afrika Toon is interested in an emblematic figure of the African resistance: the one who is called the father of the Ivorian nation, Félix Houphouët-Boigny.

“Dia Houphouët” is a fictional work, freely inspired by the childhood and adolescence of Houphouët Boigny. Through the character of Houphouët also called Dia, Afrika Toon immerses us in the childhood of this other African hero who has proven in the face of the world that only by the force of the will, one can accomplish extraordinary things. Mixing both drama and humor, the feature film “Dia Houphouët” takes us back to a colonial era in the grip of various resistances. A universe in which our hero, still a child, will be prepared to welcome with serenity the vicissitudes of a man’s life. Aimed at children, this work could be inspiring for everyone. Indeed, we will follow the evolution of Dia since his childhood, where he will already lead exceptional actions, until his 20 years when he will integrate a prestigious school from which he will graduate. This course is strewn with obstacles and will shape the man we know today under the name of Félix Houphouët-Boigny. The greatest will also find their account because they will learn a little more about the father of the Ivorian nation through this animated biopic.

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The big premiere of the film is this 16 December 2017 at Majestic Cinema in Abidjan