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IVORY COAST: Kolo Kamara Danielle: The promoter of “Traditional Ivorian Attire”.

Kolo Danielle

“The spirit is very fertile … when we lack funding! “
Kolo Kamara Danielle did a good part of her studies in the center of the country of Côte d’Ivoire. It was only after BEPEC that she moved to Abidjan. Computer scientist, she is currently Community Manager in a structure of the place. But it is best known thanks to “Traditional Ivorian Attire”. This passionate culture and fashion tells us about this structure which is given mission to highlight the traditional Ivorian outfits.

Ze-Africanewscom: How did a computer specialist by training find herself promoting traditional Ivorian outfits?
Kolo Kamara Danielle: (Laughs) It’s a very long story, but I’ll try to make it short. This initiative I owe to Professor Mian with whom I worked after my training, and who told me one day: “little you’ll have to do it alone”. I admit that I received a shock and I was sad for a while before realizing that he had just taught me the Chinese proverb that says “teach me to fish instead of giving me fish” “. During the time I stayed without work, ideas flowed. You know the spirit is very fertile when you run out of funding. So I started with 50 000 francs the sale of the tablecloths of Korhogo (Northern Region of the country). I then let myself be seduced by the wealth that abounds in my beautiful country. The following you know it … The platform Traditional Ivorian Attire.

Why this passion for loincloths?
My passion came from my mother. Indeed, in Baoulé Côte d’Ivoire tradition asks the mother to offer a loincloth to her daughter. At my baptism my mother gave me a very beautiful one. This gift was a click for me. My first loincloth how to forget it! Wow, it was beautiful, deep blue and bright, with fibers in gold, red and green colors. And later, when I grew up, I became interested in the beautiful loincloths of my country. I started traveling across the country to discover other styles of loincloths.

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You also cross the borders of the country to sell your culture?
Yes thanks to God and the growing trust of Internet users, I was able to go to Mali and Benin. In Mali, to take care of a sublime Ivorian-Malian bride. It was a very beautiful experience and a great pride for me to discover and make love a part of our culture and therefore our country Ivory Coast. In Benin, I was invited to present some Ivorian outfits during the Miss Tradi Benin contest. For this purpose I even received the ” Award of the best dresser in traditional dress ”. In addition I take advantage of the space that you grant me to dedicate this price to all those who have always believed in TTI.

What are the satisfactions that this work brings you?
The greatest satisfaction is the smile that can be read on the faces of the bride and groom I dress. The glow that can be seen in their eyes and that says wow thank you for sublimating me. And of course I will not deny the fact that there is also financial satisfaction. This job can feed his man.


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