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IVORY COAST – Guillaume Soro increasingly isolated

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In politics, alliances are constantly being made and broken. Politicians, once irreducible partners, often turn into sworn enemies. This is the case of relations between the former President of the National Assembly of Côte d’Ivoire, Guillaume Soro, and the Ivorian President, Alassane Ouattara. It was unimaginable that these two personalities, fierce opponents of Laurent Gbagbo during the Ivorian rebellion of 2002, come to look at each other like earthenware dogs. Today, unlike Laurent Gbagbo and Blé Goudé, acquitted and exonerated following their trial in The Hague, Guillaume Soro still lives in exile. Icing on the cake, a life sentence in a trial held in Abidjan, awaits him in his country. While his former political opponents in Laurent Gbagbo’s camp are quietly going about their business, Guillaume Soro is increasingly isolated.

When he resigned from his position as President of the National Assembly of Côte d’Ivoire on 08 February 2019, the rift between him and his former allies of the Houphouetist Assembly for Democracy and Peace (HRPD) became irremediable. After his missed return to Félix Houphouët Boigny airport in December 2019 from a tour of Europe, a painful exile began for Guillaume Soro and several of his collaborators including former minister Affoussiata Bamba Lamine.

In Abidjan, several of his relatives were arrested after this failed return. Some Soroïstes even changed political camp. Soro Kanigui, president of the former Raci, former movement close to Soro Guillaume, put on the almost new clothes of Houphouetisme. There is no shortage of words to vilify his former political ally. ” Who is this politician who wants to lead our beautiful Ivory Coast, presenting himself as an alternative, without ever presenting major axes of public policy or societal program? Every time he goes out, if he doesn’t get rough with his elders, accusing them of unjustly removing appetizing pieces of lamb from his mouth or stools and comfortable beds obtained through the great generosity of opponents whom he claimed to be fighting, It is the departures of former collaborators that he incriminates by suspecting them of wanting to finish the remains of his plates that arouse his nostalgia ”, Soro Kanigui said recently of his former comrade of struggle. Other influential members of the ‘sorosphere’ such as Alain Lobognon, Soro Alphonse, Victorian Sekongo have left the house. Devotees like Souleymane Kamaraté called Soul to Soul and Mamadou Traoré are still in prison. Guillaume Soro himself, is sentenced to life in Côte d’Ivoire. That’s the extent of his troubles in his country. For the moment, there is no hope of reconciliation between Guillaume Soro and the power of Abidjan. Ironically, it was the PPA-CI, the new party led by Laurent Gbagbo, that called for Soro Guillaume’s return to his country to the Ivorian authorities in a statement. The wheel has really turned!

For his part, Soro remains determined to continue his fight despite all the pitfalls on his way. ” Nothing happens to man but what God allows ”, he likes to say.

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During a meeting of the GPS Steering and Coordination Commission, his new political movement, Guillaume Soro attacked his former comrades who joined the opposing camp. Many of us, whose faith was faltering and whose conviction depended on the size of our plate, preferred to jump off the ship,” he said on 18 June.

Thiéni Gbanani, as his supporters call him, therefore does not intend to give up the fight. The positions are firm and clear-cut. Guillaume Soro is alone in front of his former comrades!


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