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LIBYA: Khalifa Haftar calls himself the new leader.

Credit photo : BusinessNews

Marshal Khalifa Haftar proclaimed himself the sole leader of Libya, explaining that he had responded to a mandate from the people that judged him to be «the most worthy to lead the country at this stage… (…) the General Command».

In a televised speech aired on Monday evening 27 April 2020 on the television channel Libya al-Hadath and reported by several news agencies, the head of the Libyan National Army said he was proud to accept the mandate of the Libyan people to undertake this historic mission and in these exceptional circumstances in order to put an end to Skhirat’s political agreement. Now it is part of the past in accordance with a decision of the Libyan people, the only source of power, and we announce that the General Command – Editor’s note: the Libyan National Army, its army – has accepted the will of the people.”

Thus, the Libyan military, supported by a parliament in eastern Libya, rebelled against the Skhirat agreement signed at the end of 2015 in Morocco under the auspices of the UN, which «destroyed the country», and from which came the Government of National Unity (GNA). For him the agreement is null and void. He promised to continue his offensive against Tripoli and therefore against the GNA based there.


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