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IVORY COAST: Guillaume Soro case : The opposition is very strong.


The candidate for the presidential election in 2020, in Côte d’Ivoire, Guillaume Soro is the subject of an international arrest warrant this Monday, December 23, 2019. Likewise, his supporters are victims of police violence. The former head of the Ivorian rebellion accuses his main political opponent, the current President of the Republic Alassane Ouattara, of trying to prevent him from running in the next election.

A follower of social networks, Mr. Soro tried on his Twitter account to give explanations about the relentlessness of the current government towards him.

In the cold with power for almost a year, the former president of the National Assembly, still a member of parliament, is now subject to an “international arrest warrant” from the Ivorian judiciary. The reason given by the country’s judicial authorities is as follows: “attempted attack on the authority of the state”. This warrant issued on Monday by the Abidjan public prosecutor, Richard Adou, coincides with the day of Guillaume Soro’s aborted return to the country.

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Indeed, he planned to return after six months of absence, expected by most of his activists to launch his election campaign for the presidential election scheduled for October 2020. But his private plane finally landed in Ghana.

In his tweets, he explains that the captain was informed in flight that the plane “could be the subject of an assault” at Abidjan airport and decided to divert to the airport of Accra.

After this short stop, the plane took off again for Europe, and Guillaume Soro is now in Spain, according to his entourage.

In a press release, the platform Coalition for Democracy, Reconciliation and Peace (CDRP), under the leadership of ex-president Henri Konan Bédié talks about abuse of power and dictatorship, and judges the arrest warrant illegal .


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