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MAROCCO : HM King Mohammed VI opened new horizons for Morocco (Talaâ Saoud Atlassi)

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His Majesty King Mohammed VI, upon his accession to the Throne, opened new horizons for Morocco by initiating several structural reforms, said the President of the Moroccan Commission for Peace and Solidarity, Mr. Talaâ Saoud Atlassi.

«The reforms launched by His Majesty King Mohammed VI initiated a new concept of authority, such as the new status of political parties, the new family code and the Equity and Reconciliation Authority, which opened new horizons for the history of Morocco», Mr. Atlassi said in an interview to the Russian Foreign Ministry magazine, “International Affairs”.

“The Sovereign also announced, on March 9, 2011, a profound and structural reform of the political system in Morocco through the proposal of a new Constitution, noted Mr. Atlassi, stating that the partisan and trade union plurality, and the strength of civil society were long-standing achievements of the Moroccan political system.

When asked about the demonstrations that marked the Arab World during what is commonly known as the «Arab Spring», Mr. Atlassi pointed to the accusations of «external manipulation» of this movement, especially by the Americans, citing the examples of Syria, Libya, Egypt and Iraq.

However, added Mr. Atlassi, the “Hirak” in Algeria or the revolts in Lebanon and Sudan showed that the aspiration of the Arab peoples to democracy “will not die, it is continuous.”

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Mr. Atlassi, also President of the International Committee for the Support of the Palestinian People, part of the Organization for Solidarity with the Peoples of Africa and Asia (OSPAA), stressed the unwavering support of Morocco, King and People, for Palestine and its sacred cause, notably through the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Acharif Agency.

Reacting to the American Middle East Peace Plan, Mr. Atlassi noted that this initiative was rejected by the Palestinians and the Arab League, because it does not take into account the legitimate claims and rights of the Palestinian people to an independent state on the 1967 borders, with Al Quds East as its capital.

On the role of the OSPAA in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, Mr. Atlassi noted that the “post-pandemic” will give rise to a new world order based on justice, equity, human dignity, human rights and solidarity, stating that the OSPAA is “the best way to help stimulate this new movement among the peoples of Asia and Africa”.

The OSPAA is “equipped with its history and its achievements to reshape to broaden the concept of solidarity to all peoples and to produce guidelines for specific and targeted actions in order to contribute to the consolidation of a new world order.” stressed Mr. Atlassi.

Source : Maroc Diplomatique


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