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SENEGAL – Amadou Thiam, a Spanish teacher honored by his students in class

Amadou Thiam

Amadou Thiam is the name of the young Senegalese teacher in service at Kelle High School, in the department of Tivaouane located in the region of Thiès. Coming to present his class from 10am to 12pm on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, he was pleasantly surprised by his students who prepared a speech of thanks for his efforts and the clarity of his explanations but especially for his humanity and his simplicity. They gave him a painting with his photo and the message “Thank you very much Sir, our favorite teacher”. A gesture that says a lot about the investment of teachers in Senegal despite the difficult working conditions.

The students of Kelle High School made a gesture that will forever remain etched in the memory of Amadou Thiam, the teacher in service in this institution for six years. They offered him a painting with his photo as a token of his commitment and dedication to work.” We don’t have the words to thank you for the work you do every day at this school. We all felt a marked improvement in our Spanish level thanks to your explanations.” said Moulaye Seck, spokesperson for the students, designated on this occasion. Magnifiing the punctuality and seriousness of Amadou Thiam, he added: “you always come on time. In class, you are always standing. Even when you give us an exercise, you go between the rows to see if it’s done well. When you do a course, everyone listens and you don’t need to ask us to take it. When you teach, we feel that you love what you do.” A message that moved the teacher. 

Adama Samba, professor of mathematics, seeing this pretty painting offered to her colleague, spontaneously declared: “It is a merit”. The other professors who found the photo in the teachers’ room all had the same reaction. They said they were not surprised by such a move because the recipient is always giving it all. The school’s general supervisor, Lat Sall Ndour, even teases him often by giving him the following nickname: “he enters first in high school and leaves last. He is the protective genius of the institution.” Indeed, Professor Thiam organizes free reinforcement classes almost every evening but also during the weekends to help students in difficulty as it is customary in this institution.

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Amadou Thiam is a 33-year-old Spanish teacher. First serving at Madina Ndiathbé High School in Fouta, in northern Senegal, he was posted in 2015 to Kelle High School. In 2019, he is the author of the book entitled “Senegal from Today to Tomorrow”. At Kelle High School, this year 2020/2021, with the support of his colleagues, he managed the entire questionnaire of the 19 “budding geniuses” matches organized at the school between the different classes. He was honoured in 2018 by the principal of the institution, Dr.Assane Fall, who awarded him a diploma of thanks.

It should also be remembered that Kelle High School is one of the best schools in the Thiès region. Despite the modesty of the infrastructure, he had the highest success rate at the 2020 Baccalaureate in the region’s academy. The faculty is known for its seriousness and rigour in the work.


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