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SENEGAL – A doctor named Aminata Sarr Malick

Aminata Sarr Malick

The Senegalese journalist and writer Aminata Sarr Malick has just completed her doctoral thesis Es-Lettres with the mention “Très honorable” with congratulations of the Jury this Thursday, May 27, 2021 at the University Gaston Berger of Saint Louis in Senegal. An academic work that ends eight years of study that she has carried out with determination, tenacity and great courage. A shower of congratulations was addressed to the new doctor.  

“To Aminata Sarr, who has just been elevated to the rank of Doctor of Letters -Very Honorable Mention with the congratulations of the jury-This successful work is well deserved.Aminata is known to be brilliant and valiant.The testimonies are unanimous. Serious and determined, she knows how to shine with a thousand lights. She is a model in love of wisdom, patriotic commitment and community. Good luck, dear friend. What follows a long and fruitful career. It is done!Ouraaaaaaaa!” wrote Sémou Diouf. 

“4 years of walking, from cottage to cottage, within the campus. From village to village. 4 years of travel. 4 years of sacrifice. 4 years of waiting and patience. 4 years of dream and passion. 4 years of research and hard work.Here she is finally honored. The thesis defended. Fatigue is gone. That title is far from defining you. He took the train. You were already there. That title does not increase your dignity. You’re bigger than that.You’re human. A human person. This title is only the consecration of a tireless work widely and generously consented. This title honors your wonderful university career which does not suffer from any ambiguity. It’s done!Finally! The Doctor. You have just been elevated to the rank of Doctor of Letters of Commendation with the congratulations of the jury. What joy! What pride !Congratulations. You deserve it. It is the fruit of your valiant heart to never let go. This success is ours. It is ours. It is all ours. Bravo brave lady. The UGB vibrated. The audience shouted. The G5B screamed and recreated.The jury was amazed and passionate. Gives his motive of satisfaction. Your friends are proud. The Union of Men agrees today to come to you, in front of you, with your left knees all on the ground, with both hands all on your back, in front of you, to say, finally, bravo to the woman, to all the women for this coronation. It’s beautiful! It’s beautiful! My respects Dr. Aminata Sarr Malick. Your simplicity sweeps. Your humility sweeps.Your jongoma sweeps.” said on his page Ousmane Awa Guèye.

Doctor Aminata Sarr Malick

Dr. Aminata Sarr Malick. 3 years old, 5 years old, 8 years old! You finally have a PhD after all these long years of hard work. This brilliant success is hardly a surprise for us your promoters and fellow students who had the honour and the great pleasure to share with you the same class from the first year until master 2. You have always shown courage, Of will, of seriousness, and your love for study and your relevance is matched only by your impressive intelligence. I remember our exchanges and our preparations for the presentations and papers on literary themes. Congratulations on a job well done and on your thesis, which you defended this morning brilliantly. Your most honorable mention with jury congratulation is well deserved. We wish you a good continuation and may Allah make the rest easier for you and that you find very quickly the place that will allow you to express all your talent. And this is in the interest of the Nation for whom you know my dear friend and sister of luxury; what to say at all, Doctor! For we must call you now. Bravo!” wrote Seydou Sow.

Doctor Aminata Sarr Malick

My darling younger sister, you followed in the footsteps of our father El Hadji Malick Sarr who was passionate about reading, who devoured books, who had even become a writer, I cannot quote all the diplomas he had. From now on, you are our illustrious doctor. Bravery, tenacity, perseverance, knowledge, the source rise before you. My dear one, I am proud of you, sister. I hope that all the doors of happiness, success and success will open to you.” wrote Nikita Sarr

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“Et 3e doctorat au Comité de lecture du “Prix les Afriques! Ma little sister Aminata Sarr Malick defended her thesis yesterday. Mention très honorable! Very proud of you, my dear! Well, I will now come to the Committee meetings with a French-French dictionary.” wrote on the page the director of the “Prix Les Afrique” Ngoan Beti .

Ze-Africanews joins this salvo of congratulations to address to Amina Sarr Malick her warm congratulations through a standing ovation.

Doctor Aminata Sarr Malick

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