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CAMEROON: The literary CENE sets up the sponsorship of literary cafes

Flore Agnès Nda Zoa, founder of the CENE Littéraire association

The Cameroonian lawyer, Flore Agnès Nda Zoa, founder of the association, the literary CENE will revolutionize things within literary CENE. Now, through their website, people who wish to sponsor Literary Cafés on the continent will be able to do so. An opportunity for volunteers to participate in the popularization of literary culture across the continent. His message through this video below.

Hello, my name is Flora Agnès, I am a lawyer in Switzerland and I am the founder of the association, the literary CENE. What is the literary CENE? It is an association whose goal is the promotion of African and Afro-descendant literature. It is an association of readers, it is not an association of writers, it is an association of readers.

The literary CENE is a literary prize that has been served for five years now regularly every year which is called the “Literary Prize of Africa”. The literary CENE is a literary residence in Cameroon. We welcome writers to come and draw their inspiration from mother earth. The literary CENE is also the literary cafes that I particularly want to talk to you about today. So we have developed within our association, a concept that we call the “Literary cafes of the literary CENE”, what is it?

It is a four-phase concept. The first phase is that we buy several copies of about 20, 30 or 40 of a particular book, it is often the book of the winner of our price Les Afriques or other books which we follow the promotion within our association. So we buy several copies of this book in the second phase, we offer these copies to students, to high school students or even to groups within a literary circle. The third phase, we give them three or four weeks to read the book and when they are finished, we organize the fourth phase which is the phase of giving back what they have read. It is a cultural event that we organize and during which they actually come to tell us how they feel about what they have read and, above all, they come to confront their ideas about the book they have read. This is the concept behind our literary cafes in a nutshell.

Flore Agnès Nda Zoa, founder of the CENE Littéraire association

So you obviously want to ask me what the goal is? There are actually several goals. The first goal of course is to try to stimulate or even sometimes to arouse interest in reading, interest in the confrontation of ideas. The second goal is to promote our literary prize, the person, the writer to whom we award the literary prize, to promote his book and above all to try to sell the copies of books that we have produced of this book on the continent. African. So this is the goal of our Literary Prize, it is in fact to buy the rights to the winning book, to have it produced in Africa, and to try to obtain its copies. The third goal, of course, is to try to participate in the creation or even the strengthening of cultural life in the case of the countries in which we are trying to establish ourselves or we are trying to exist. The fourth goal, which is also one of the most important for our association, is to create workplaces because of course the young people we send into the field to organize these literary cafes, these cultural animators are in fact employees of our association and we allow them to have a place of work so these are the main goals of our Literary Cafés.

You obviously want to ask me the question to know if it works? Yes, it works like a thunder fire as the young people say. It’s been going very well for three years now we organize these literary cafes. You can go to our website, our facebook page, which I will tell you later on under the video, you will see that we have organized dozens of them. We haven’t all put on the site yet and the kids are very interested and it’s going very well. The question that you obviously now want to ask me is to know, if things are going well at the level of the literary CENE and it manages to do that, all alone like a grown-up, why come and ask us? We are asking you for a simple reason, which is that we have seen in the field that young people read less and less and obviously it is a problem of general interest for our countries because who says young people who read less and less means that more intellectual stimuli, more educational stimuli, more cultural stimuli and if there is no more stimuli for all these things, that obviously leaves a dream place for mediocrity but nobody wants to see mediocrity settles in his country, in his town, in his village, in his town, so it is a problem of general interest and which says problem of general interest says collective response. We must find a collective answer to this problem. The literary CENE thinks it has found an answer with the organization of these literary cafes, so they invite you in fact to participate if you want to this solution.

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How to do what is planned on our website, if you go there, you will see that we are going to organize a small platform, we are going to set up a paypal account that will allow you who want to accompany us in this action to sponsor literary cafes that we are organizing. That is to say that we have already organized Literary Cafés in the countries where we are currently, we are in Cameroon we are in Senegal, we are in Benin we aim to go to Congo, Burkina Faso and Mali . You buy, we buy the books, we organize the literary cafes, we distribute the books and we put on our website the literary cafes that we have already organized and it is up to you now to buy them up to 100 euros for example which will allow us to fill the financial vacuum that we have created in our fund by organizing these literary cafes. This means that our actions will be much more so we are not asking you to organize Literary Cafés, we are asking you to come and contribute to the organization of the Literary Cafés that we do. It is a problem of general interest. It is a problem that concerns us all. It does not only concern the literary CENE. It concerns everyone who is for a time little interested in the development of their country, the development of these young people by how things are happening around the world with regard to education and culture. This is what I wanted to tell you. Come to our website, come support us, and you will see we will do the work together when you have accompanied a Literary Café. Obviously we will give you back how it went. We will put these young people, if you want, in contact with you who offered them literary coffee.

We will explain on our website, on all our platforms on the net that it is you who helped us to organize it so there will not be at all, how to say, we will not forget you when we will share the information on what we’re going to do. It is a beautiful project that we have been carrying for a while, it would be good if you came with us. Thank you very much and see you very soon bye.

Flore Agnès Nda Zoa, founder of the CENE Littéraire association

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