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SENEGAL: Sophie Guèye wins Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2020

Sophie Guèye

After receiving two awards in her country, Senegalese Sophie Guèye has just received another “Young Achiever of the year 2020” award in Ghana awarded by the Women’s Choice Award Africa during the second edition on Saturday, October 17.

It is a consecration for the young Senegalese, whose leitmotiv is to fight for sick children and those on the streets. “ALHAMDOULILAH ALHAMDOULILAH ALHAMDOULILAH I don’t even have the words. I won because you voted for me. You believed in me. There were eight of us in my “Young achiever of the year” category. I dedicate this award to everyone who voted for me. To all the members of the association “Les racines de l’Espoir”, I love you so much, to my FAMILY especially to my father, to my mother, to my friends, to my children my eternal loves, to all those people who push me to go forward who believe in us; To Uncle Moustapha Khadra who made this trip easier for me, I will never thank you enough, to Oulimata Kane my little mother, to you my love, to Alla Mireille you know she is Ivorian and it is she who ensured the votes in Ghana thank you for all my beautiful, to Madame Touré and her husband… I promise you that I will continue to give hope to all of you. I am rich because I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I bring you home the Award. Thanks to the entire Women’s Choice Awards Africa team,” she said.

Sophie Guèye is the founder of “Les Racines de l’Espoir”. “The Roots of Hope” is a humanitarian association whose mission is to help the vulnerable and, above all, to make sick children and talibés smile again. All the actions of the organization revolve around the social in search of the well-being of the poor. 

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A salvo of congratulations followed from his friends and family on his facebook page: 

‘Thank you Lord! I want hearts, many hearts for our national Sophie Guèye. Congratulations Sophie. You deserve it amply. I am very, very proud of you. Know that the best remains to come by the grace of God. You are the pride of Senegal Gueye. Other “Awards” are on the way, you are a fighter. Good continuation to you and the whole team of the association “Roots of Hope”. You are doing an excellent job. May God help you,” said Dior Guèye. 

It is around Sn Plaisir Maria to praise the courage of the young winner: “Young Champion of the Year! She did it. Africa Women’s Choice Award 2020 Second Edition. Courageous Sophie Gueye”. 

“One thing is for sure, no one will say, “How it’s done”, and that’s what we call merit. “The Roots of Hope”: Congratulations to you and your entire team. May Allah watch over you and facilitate the rest by his grace. There will be many beautiful things to come. We are proud of you,” says Nafi Guèye. 

“Yes, Sophie won! Senegal won! She just won the YOUNG ACHIEVER award at the WOMEN’S CHOICE AWARDS AFRICA 2020 in Ghana. In addition, she is beautiful the Queen, our Sophie Guèye Nationale… Congratulations.” says Samba Bokoum

Congratulations Sophie Guèye. You are a gift from heaven for Senegal. A reference for all youth. Bravo Champion” launches Adventures of Yunuça

‘When Thursday afternoon I said to you, “Bring the cup home!” I was sincere and you did it! Bravooooo Sophie Guèye. The best is yet to come,” exclaims Pinda Mariko.

From now on, only the young Senegalese woman who had moved to Ghana to receive this award, to bring the trophy home with honours.


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