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EGYPT: Government wants to value education


The Egyptian government wants to promote distance education. 50 interactive programmes will be launched by the Egyptian National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development through Distance Learning.

The education sector is one of the priorities of the Egyptian government. Upgrading and modernisation, but even more so the development of schools and institutes and the improvement of training performance. Thus 50 interactive training programmes will be launched. These programmes will be available in Arabic and English, the country’s two basic languages. They will be accessible via a digital platform that will be launched on 21 October 2020. 

According to Hala El-Saïd, the Minister of Planning and Economic Development, these training programs, which are part of the government’s “Egypt Vision 2030” project, are based on the pillars of transparency, on the effectiveness of institutions and the development of integrated systems of good governance. They will raise awareness among Egyptians about sustainable development mechanisms on strengthening democracy and respect for institutions. 

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It should be noted that this major project for the education and training of Egyptians, is the result of a collaborator working between UN Women, the German Foundation Hans Seidel, ‘State University of Missouri in the States-United States of America and partnerships with the best universities, colleges and international educational institutes in support of the qualification and training process.


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