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BENIN: Violence against girls and women

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Violence against girls and women: The elected municipal officers of Borgou and Alibori engage in the fight. This Thursday, October 8, 2020, all the women elected from these departments were invited to a coaching session at the Sero Kora hotel in Parakou. The objective is to unite all energies for the eradication of violence against children and women in all its forms.

Indeed, despite the major advances made by our country Benin in the protection of the rights and well-being of children, girls and women over the past decades, there are still obstacles to the full realization. the rights of the child, the girl and the woman. Faced with the persistence of the scourge of early marriage, female genital mutilation and other gender-based violence (GBV), the Ministry of Social Affairs and Microfinance has opted for the implementation of an innovative approach to protection by empowering influential women leaders elected from these departments to become actively involved in the fight against GBV in their respective villages, city districts, municipalities and departments.

Mrs. Véronique TOGNIFODE, Minister of Social Affairs and Microfinance, in her speech, drew the attention of elected women to the need to take concrete actions in order to operate sustainably, in our communities, changes in behavior vis- with regard to children, women who are full development actors in our country. She told elected officials the role they will now have to play with commitment and determination:

“You are now” Ambassadors for the protection of children and women “and as such, I invite you to contribute to raising awareness on the rights and well-being of children and women; to act as a catalyst for behavior change towards children and women in our societies; encourage the establishment of reporting and denunciation systems for cases of violence against children and women; to participate in the follow-up of cases with a view to their referral and support for victims, then to ensure the prosecution of the perpetrators, in accordance with the laws in force; to encourage decision-making in the community and in communal and village councils in favor of the protection of the rights and the promotion of children and women; to promote equal opportunities; and serve as a role model for our daughters and women. ”

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For Ms. Guirle FREDERIC, in charge of child protection at UNICEF in Benin, the initiative is beneficial. To this end, she renewed the readiness of UNICEF “to continue its support to actors at all levels.

Joyce SEPENOO, Representative of CARE Benin in Cotonou, will express her pride in having contributed to the organization of this meeting. She did not hide her optimism and the commitment of her structure alongside the Government of Benin.
The Minister thanked the partners who work in concert with the Government of President Patrice TALON, committed to continuing the actions initiated in the Social Affairs sector, so that each girl and each woman occupies the place that suits her for the development of our homeland. . She praised their laudable efforts alongside the MASM which, strengthened by the support of traditional chiefdoms and religious leaders, will enable action on socio-cultural norms to eradicate gender-based violence in our communities.

Source : Gouvernement of Benin


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