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SENEGAL – Kelle high school has honored its best students: Impressive half-year averages ranging from 15 to 17.02


By our special correspondent to Kelle Amadou Thiam

It is a spectacular ceremony which was organized at the high school of Kelle, located in the department of Tivaouane in the region of Thiès. On Saturday May 22, 2021, several students received awards for their outstanding work in the first semester. Impressive half-yearly averages ranging from 15 to 17.02. A lot of nearly 30 prizes was distributed to these brilliant students. This ceremony was also the opportunity to play the finals of “budding geniuses” won by the 3rd B (college) and the 1st LB (high school).

Under the presence of the school administration, the teaching staff, the parents of the pupils, the sponsor of the edition Alioune Ndiaye as well as the friendly of the former pupils of the high school, the brilliant pupils of the high school of Kelle have been honored with symbolic prizes and a diploma of encouragement. The pupils who managed to stand out in each class in the first semester were thus honored in front of their parents and the inhabitants of the locality.

The finals of “budding geniuses” were also played on this occasion. The 3rd B beat the 5th B in the final of the Middle School (Cem) and the final S lost in front of the 1st LB for the high school. A competition that allowed the audience to discover the ingenuity of the students and their level in general culture. The godfathers of the “budding genius”, Ndiassé Ndiaye and Amie Sambou, former high school teachers now assigned to Saint-Louis and Ngoundiane respectively, expressed their joy to return to this establishment and to see that excellence always remains. the credo. The principal of the establishment, Doctor Assane Fall, expressed his satisfaction in his speech regarding the organization of the ceremony and the work of the students. He also thanked the administration and the faculty for the rigor and diligence in the work.

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Remember that the Kelle high school is one of the best establishments in the Thiès region. Despite the modesty of the infrastructure, it had the highest success rate in the Baccalaureate 2020 in the academy in the region. The teaching staff are renowned for their seriousness and thoroughness in their work.


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