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MAURITANIA: Opposition calls for resistance.

Elections Mauritania - Photo credit Wathi.org

In Mauritania, the presidential elections of 22 June 2019 plunged the country into dissension and mistrust among the citizens. The country is living a critical socio-political situation since the announcement of the results of this election on June 23rd.

Mouhamed Ould Ghazouani, an ally of the ruling party and close to former president Mouhamed Ould abdel Aziz, declared himself the winner in the presidential election well before the publication of the official results by the CENI, the National Independent Electoral Commission. At the score, 52% of the votes cast went to Mouhamed Ould Ghazouani against 48% of the votes for the four opposition members. These results were immediately challenged by the opposition. Throughout the country demonstrations erupted in protest. Clashes were recorded in the streets of Nouakchott, the capital but also in the north-west of the country, clashes paid by many wounded.

This presidential election of June 22 was considered a real lever for strengthening democracy in this West African country. It was also considered as a first pass to witness between two democratically elected heads of state. Remember that the former Mouhamed Ould abdel Aziz had been in power for ten years. Thus, according to the opposition, the ballot boxes were marred by irregularities and electoral fraud.

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On the same day of the proclamation of the results on June 23, 2019, a conference was organized by the opposition leaders: anti-slavery candidate Biram Ould Dah Ould Abeid, former Prime Minister Sidy Mouhamed Ould Boubacar, Mouhamed Ould Maouloud , the party leader of the Union of Forces of Progress (UFP) and Kane Hamidou Baba, the candidate of the coalition “Living together”. Opposition members denounced a “state of siege” imposed by the Mauritanian state. According to them, the power was again confiscated by an ally of the outgoing president. “An electoral hold orchestrated” by the old regime or an extension of power then.

Determined to go all the way to elucidate and bring the necessary transparency of this election, the Mauritanian population is resolutely committed to the opposition for a systemic change of the regime in place.


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