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SENEGAL: A second grade student found dead on the side of the National Road


Sad news for the inhabitants of Niani, in the department of Koumpentoum located in the region of Tambacounda. The student Seynabou Diagne, in second class at the El Hadj Bouna Sémou Niang high school in Koumpentoum and from the village of Patoulane (commune of Pass Coto), had been missing for almost ten days. Now his body was found next to the National Road No 1 this Sunday, January 17, 2021.

According to information gathered from her relatives, she would have run away from her guardians for an unknown destination. The reason for her mysterious disappearance remains a forced marriage that she was not ready to accept. Determined to say no to her guardians, she reportedly fled the house on January 10 without giving any sign of life afterwards.

She was found a week later, this Sunday, January 17, at the edge of the RN1 in a sorry state. Even if the thesis of the accident seems the most widespread, the police have decided to open an investigation to find out how Seynabou Diagne, in the prime of his life, was able to leave this world under these circumstances. The affair is far from knowing its epilogue.


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