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SENEGAL – Arrest of activists Guy Marius Sagna, Assane Diouf and Clédor Sène


Senegalese activists Guy Marius Sagna, Assane Diouf and Clédor Sène were arrested by the Criminal Investigation Division between Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 February 2021. They are accused of disturbing the public order following an audio leak which suggests that the three men were preparing a coup de force to oppose the lifting of the immunity of MP Ousmane Sonko accused of rape.

The Ousmane Sonko case is becoming alarming. After the arrest of leaders of the Pastef/Les Patriotes party, it is the turn of activists to be picked up by the formidable Criminal Investigation Division (Dic). It was Assane Diouf, nicknamed public insult N°1, who was the first to pay the price of the raid operated by Dic after an audio, attributed to Clédor Sène, leaked. He was arrested at his home on Monday by Dic. His room was smashed up, molested without restraint, and Assane was taken aboard. Direction la DIC», denounced his lawyer Me Khoureychi Bâ. Assane Diouf had just smelled the air of freedom on 28 January 2021, after being held for 08 months for contempt of office.

After Assane Diouf, Guy Marius Sagna was also arrested on Monday by the same Criminal Investigation Division for the same reasons. “Comrade Guy Marius Sagna was kidnapped by Chione, the political police of dictator Macky Sall, at his home without giving him the opportunity to inform his comrades and loved ones.” Disturbing the peace”, according to our lawyer, this is what is being held against him. We will come back to it. Let’s stay mobilized! Let’s resist! Bullying will not pass,” said the FRAPP National Executive Secretariat on its Facebook page. The activist, known for his virulent positions against France, was also extended from prison in March 2020. He was arrested in December 2019 while attempting to climb the gates of the Presidential Palace.

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As for Clédor Sène, he was arrested on Tuesday 23 February at dawn. The Criminal Investigation Division picked him up at his home in Derklé for the same facts. The content of the incriminated audio was revealed and suggests that the activists were preparing a coup to prevent the lifting of the immunity of MP Ousmane Sonko. You forgot that the fight starts on Tuesday. We are now in the time of action. We have communicated enough. We are in the process of organizing at the base level probably we are moving towards the lifting of the immunity and the arrest of Sonko, there is only the day of tomorrow. Even today (Sunday, February 21), we worked all day. It’s going to be complicated because I don’t even dare propose anything else to Assane Diouf. I put him in touch with some of the guys from Pikine», can we hear in the audio attributed to the leader of the movement Claire Vision, Clédor Sène.

It should be noted that Clédor Sène had been imprisoned for the murder of Me Babacar Sèye, Vice-President of the Constitutional Council, assassinated on 15 May 1993 following the publication of the results of the parliamentary elections. He was released in 2002 under the Ezzan Law.


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